Yalitza Aparicio Launches A Twitter Campaign To Help People Love Their Dark Skin

September 3, 2021 By Lino Montalvo

Mexico’s population is mostly dark-skinned. Despite this fact, entertainment media – such as film and television – frequently represent us in stereotypical ways: as criminals, cleaning staff and people with a low social status, which helps reinforce the idea that dark-skinned actors canonlyperform those kinds of roles, limiting their talent to the color of their skin.

That’s one of the reasons for creating the campaign #PoderPrieto and #DondeHayPrieturaHaySabrosura, joinwd by a few members of the entertainment world in an attempt to curb discrimination, especially in films.

Artists against racism.

Yalitza Aparicio, who has always shown pride for her roots and skin color, is one of the main spokespeople for this campaign.

In her Twitter account, the actress and activist shared the message: “My skin is respected, my skin echoes, there are no doubts in my skin, my skin loves, my skin is delicious. Many of us are proud of our skin color.”

This is the latest campaign joined by the actress to help build a more sustainable community. In fact, she recently worked with UNESCOin support of indigenous communities.

Many people have spoken about how proud they are of their skin color.

After Aparicio, other actors and actresses, such as Maya Zapata, Tenoch Huerta, Fátima Molina, Ianis Guerrero, Luis Alberti, and many other, have spoken out to denounce the discrimination they have suffered in the entertainment world throughout their careers.

Hashtag Power.

Since May 26, hashtags #PoderPrieto and #DondeHayPrieturaHaySabrosura have been trending, retweeted thousands of times not only by people in entertainment, but also by people who have felt discriminated against due to the color of their skin, adding their own photos and stories.

The support from the general public and other members of the entertainment world have mostly been favorable.

The response in social media has been very positive!

This is only a small step in the fight for equal representation in film and television in order to make progress and address a label that has been very damaging throughout our history, in the search for falling in love again with our roots and identity and getting rid of the stigma around a delicious skin color.

You can be part of this campaign and show pride for your community! Download the PerSus app today and start!