These 7 Cities Across The World Were Built For Biking

May 31, 2021 By Jessie Stringfield

Biking is like a pair of Levi 501 jeans, it never goes out of style. Even with the invention of cars, electric scooters, and public transportation, biking has remained one of the most popular means of transportation around the world, and rightfully so. Biking is good for your mental and physical health, the environment, and in a lot of places it helps you avoid hair-pulling bumper-to-bumper traffic. Biking is an excellent way to improve your personal sustainability by helping you take care of yourself and your environment. 

Europe is first in its class for bikers, but other bike-friendly cities around the world shouldn’t be overlooked. Keep reading to find out where some of the most bikeable cities are across the globe!

1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo makes the list not thanks to its infrastructure but rather because of its people and their love of cycling. For years biking has been the preferred choice of many to move themselves and their families around this massive metropolis and it’s only gaining in popularity.

2. Portland, USA

Unlike most of the United States, Portland’s bike scene rivals some of Europe’s most bike-loving cities. There are plenty of hipsters riding their fixies, but the city also offers a public bike rental system for those of us that aren’t as cool.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

Often considered the most bike-friendly city in the world, half of Copenhagen’s population commutes to work on bike using the city’s excellent bike routes. Bikes outnumber cars in this cyclist-centered city 5 to 1.

4. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City may be one of the largest cities in the world, but bikers should not be intimidated. The city has had a well-planned public bike-share system in place for years and is making a big effort to expand its bike lanes across the city. 

5. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei was dubbed ‘the bicycle kingdom” thanks to its chief two-wheeled exporter. The city has picked up momentum and has started to expand bike lanes as this form of transportation grows in popularity with the locals.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands 

You can’t think of Amsterdam without thinking of bicycles. Amsterdam is one of the most well-known bikeable cities in the world. You can’t walk very far without having a cluster of bikes zoom past you on their way to work or the grocery store. 

7. Bogotá, Colombia

Although still predominantly dominated by cars, Bogotá has made great efforts recently to encourage more cycling. Every Sunday the city closes off large avenues to cars so bikers can ride freely across the city.

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