Who Is Maya? The Voice Behind The New PerSus App

August 24, 2021 By Justin Lessner

PerSus is a social network with a cause and a conscience. Our world and communities need us to change. We can’t totally trust governments and corporations to make the big changes our planet needs. We as individuals must set the example at a community level. But we can’t change what we cannot measure, which is what PerSus wants to help us do.

Marcos Constandse, our founder, created PerSus as a solution to that problem. The idea is to turn PerSus into part of our daily routine so we can all contribute our grain of sand and start seeing sustainability as something fun and trendy. Maya joined the team to lend her voice to the millions of people who are concerned about sustainability but don’t know much about the topic. And even though she is not an expert herself, she is guiding us along her journey and helping us learn in the process.

We spoke with Maya to discover why she is concerned about her personal sustainability and excited about using the PerSus app.

Maya explains what PerSus helps measure.

As many others, Maya is one of the millions of people concerned about their personal sustainability. She is like you. At the beginning of her journey, “I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start.”

“I am not an expert. I’m simply a PerSus user who, like everyone else, is learning and making mistakes. My goal in PerSus is to become the friend who accompanies you on this new adventure towards a more sustainable life,” she said in an interview.

PerSus is built on the founding concept that what can’t be measured, can’t be improved. That’s why, upon opening the app, you will find a survey that measures your current knowledge and awareness on sustainability.

Thanks to Maya, I learned about sustainability.

There has been a lot of focus around sustainability and the planet. But now sustainability includes more than just the health of our planet. Not only does sustainability refer to the planet but also sustainability refers to the well being of peeople and their relation with the planet.

“The most important pillar is people, because if we don’t make people sustainable, we will never achieve a balance between the planet and prosperity,” according to Maya.

There are so many things you can do within the PerSus app.

The PerSus app is the focal point of the PerSus movement. And Maya is helped to create an app that offers an appealing experience. She helps make personal sustainability a fun and pleasant activity.

The challenges created by Maya help all users to keep up the pace and improve their personal sustainability.

But the app’s users, people like you, can also create challenges in the app. These are very simple challenges that make a big difference. By being a social network, you can connect with people in your community because one person can make a big difference, but imagine what can be achieved as a team. Also, you can comment on places you visit and rate how sustainable they are. And the app also has articles and content that users can consume to learn more.

content that users can consume to learn more. You can also follow Maya on her journey by following her on Instagram.