We Started a Brand in the Middle of a Pandemic–Here’s Why

October 20, 2020 ByAnnie Leal

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought entire countries to a grinding halt. It’s impacted every facet of our lives and altered our futures. So, it may seem like a strange time to tackle environmental sustainability. However, the pandemic hasn’t brought an end to climate change and the destruction that it’s bringing to every corner of the globe. 

Despite the inordinate challenges that our world faces today, we believe our planet cannot wait any longer. We urgently need to generate a change in our behavior, yours, and of everyone else – we need to encourage people to commit to their own sustainability.

As these two global tragedies unfold before our eyes, PerSus is working to empower each of us with new tools that will help bring us a healthier and happier future.

So, although so many people ask us ‘why now?’, we have a very simple answer: there is no alternative. 

PerSus is working to advance the concept of sustainability to one that all of us can relate to.

For the concept of sustainability to really take off, we need to completely reimagine our relationship with the environment, but also with ourselves and our community. It may sound like a big ask but PerSus is here to help make the concept of sustainability one that all of us can relate to.

This is why PerSus stresses the importance of taking personal responsibility for the wellbeing of the planet as a whole. Marcos Constandse, CEO and founder of PerSus, says that “Sustainability cannot depend only on the efforts of governments, society and companies. Your sustainability depends on you.”

But how does that work in the real world? Although sustainability has been a major talking point for years, there is still no tool that lets you track and measure your own sustainability. And we know that you cannot change, what you cannot measure. But that’s all about to change. PerSus is the first ever tool that will effectively digitize people’s awareness of their own sustainability.

We are living through a unique time where the only constant thing in our life is change.

Right now, the Coronavirus and the havoc it’s caused around the world is what people are focused on. However, the pandemic has revealed so many facets of our relationship with the world that need urgent attention.

The pandemic has revealed long standing weaknesses in the government’s ability to address global issues. It’s revealed the exploitation of people now considered “essential workers” who are on the frontlines fighting the virus with little in the way of support. It’s exposed the longstanding economic disparities between communities around the world.  

With PerSus, you will be able to make meaningful changes to each of these important issues – among many others. PerSus enables you to affect change among three core areas: People, Planet, and our Prosperity. 

People are at the core of the PerSus project.

We focus on people because it includes you. It encompasses your quality of life and the preservation of endangered cultures around the world.

In fact, hunter-gatherer communities across Saharan Africa are in danger of losing their ancestral lands to a warming planet. Indigenous communities in Myanmar and Bangladesh are worried about losing their homes to record floods. And major cities across the globe – from Los Angeles to London – are at risk of being swallowed up by rising sea levels. 

By creating a fun, simple, and even addictive experience in the PerSus app, Marcos Constandse points that “you can create meaningful changes now that will have a real impact on people in your own community.”

PerSus offers an experience that empowers people just like you.

As an app created to help democratize our access to a sustainable lifestyle, now really is the time to get involved. Our lives are increasingly taking place online amid a network of social media platforms and PerSus will bridge the gap between your digital world and your interest in sustainability.

Although social media and our interaction with these new platforms has moved forward with shocking speed, our ideas to combat one of the greatest global challenges haven’t caught up. 

We can no longer sit on the sidelines and rely on the government, politicians, and businesses to find solutions. The only solution to this enormous problem is in your own sustainability and the decisions that you make each and every day as a consumer and citizen of the world.

PerSus hopes to show each and every person that through our own action we can achieve a healthier relationship with the environment. And although our communities around the world are fighting a global pandemic, it’s more important than ever that we confront all other global crises together. 

As the pandemic has ignited a new sensitivity in many of us, it’s also “created a heightened consciousness in people all over the world. From wearing a mask and observing social distancing out of respect for our neighbors to donating blood and signing up for vaccine trials, people are stepping up to do the work,” according to Marcos Constandse, PerSus CEO and founder. He sees this moment as the perfect window of opportunity to ask people, ‘what is your role?’ and ‘what can you do to help?’

So, will you do your part and join the PerSus community today?