Eco Friendly Hotels And Lodges That Have To Be A Part Of Your Next Vacation Plans

October 19, 2020 By Kathleen Aisha

Are you longing to take a vacation or weekend getaway but safety and health precautions hold you back? With the specter of COVID-19 haunting every crowd these days, most travel plans have understandably fallen by the wayside. Safe, sustainable vacations are available, however, at a wide variety of eco lodges in the United States.

Credit: We TV

Safely distanced from teeming crowds and located off the beaten track of mass tourism, eco lodges offer gorgeous, environmentally friendly accommodations nestled in the peaceful embrace of Mother Nature.

Enhance Your Personal Sustainability

You can help protect and sustain Mother Nature by learning how to enhance your own personal sustainability. An individual’s wellbeing or quality of life, in the philosophy of personal sustainability, is enhanced by adopting practices that help protect and sustain the natural life-support ecosystems of Planet Earth. 

As Forum for the Future notes, places, individuals, businesses, actions, and innovations are all interconnected within Earth’s natural ecosystems. Recognizing this web of interrelations can guide us to identify where and how to help. Here are some simple ways to take action:

  • Note your home fuel and water consumption levels — look for ways to reduce consumption and help protect these natural resources
  • Reduce your landfill contributions — limit food, paper, plastic, and glass waste by recycling glass and plastic containers; paper and food waste can be composted in a bucket; purchase items with reusable (or even without) packaging
  • Think less globally and more locally — buy local, eat local, and travel local to help sustain your own community and reduce transportation-related carbon emissions
  • Support sustainable businesses and activities — select local stores and restaurants with published business sustainability goals over slick, highly commercialized ones; choose a sustainable family vacation at a peaceful eco lodge within a day’s drive over a day trip to a nearby but expensive, crowded theme-park

Sustainable Eco Lodges in the US

If you’re ready to disengage from the tourist hordes and tune in to the natural cycles of the earth, sun, moon, and stars, a spectacular, safe, and sustainable eco lodge may inspire you to take action.

The following selections, carefully curated from National Geographic and other internet websites, represent only a sample of sustainable eco lodges located in the United States. 

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, New York

Credit: Instagram | newyorkarea

With an awesome waterfront view of the Manhattan skyline, this Certified LEED Gold boutique eco lodge offers sustainable accommodations inspired by nature and designed by local artists employing native and reclaimed materials.

Bentwood Inn, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Credit: Bentwood Inn

A cozy BnB overlooking the Snake River and a wide vista of the Teton Mountain range, the Bentwood Inn is consistently recognized as one of the most sustainable eco lodges in North America.

Credit: Instagram | ghdern

El Monte Sagrado Living Resort & Spa, Taos, New Mexico

Credit: Instagram | elmontesagrado.taos

This 5-star eco lodge with an enchanting infrastructure features a self-sustaining environment of recycled water, fish, plants, and rocks. Situated in a picturesque desert landscape, the on-site greenhouses filled with plants and flowers are enjoyed perennially, as are El Monte Sagrado’s spa treatments featuring traditional native tribal products.

Highland Center Lodge, Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

Credit: Yelp | Jerry C.

Awarded the TripAdvisor GreenLeader badge, the Highland Center eco lodge is operated by the Appalachian Mountain Club. Offering sustainability features from a frame built with recycled local steel to composting toilets, the Highland also provides guided day hikes through mountainous Crawford Notch, instructional talks, and evening programs.

Credit: Instagram | appalachianmountainclub

The Lodge on Little St. Simons Island, Georgia

Credit: Instagram | goldenisles

Located off the Georgia coast, a handful of rustic cottages overlook beaches, tidal creeks, moss-draped forests, and mysterious oak groves teeming with wildlife on Little St. Simons Island. An ecological management team overlooks the entire 11,000-acre property which was donated to The Nature Conservancy in 2015. With sustainability initiatives covering the entire island, Lodge guests are encouraged to report wildlife sightings, participate in cleanups of shore debris, and even help out during the sea turtle nesting season as experts monitor the animals.

The Ranch at Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach, California

Credit: Instagram | TheRanchLB

Nestled in a loving embrace of majestic canyons and the Pacific Ocean, this innovative eco lodge hosts a wide range of sustainability initiatives ensuring that nothing is wasted. The Ranch at Laguna Beach grounds are irrigated by reclaimed water, local food banks receive its excess food, unused soap is donated to Clean the World, and even empty glass bottles are recycled back into sand for its sustainably operated, top-notch 9-hole golf course.

Credit: Instagram | TheRanchLB

Recharge Your Inner Angels

Taking a safe, sustainable vacation at an eco lodge right here in the US can help you regain your appreciation for nature, restore your sense of peace, and recharge your inner angels. That’s what personal sustainability is all about — you’ll also be contributing in a very personal way to the sustainability of local businesses, employees, and products — supporting the US economy and our little piece of Planet Earth, too!

So, do you want to do your part and join the PerSus community today? You’ll soon be able to download the PerSus app and get started making a difference in your community by taking control of your personal sustainability. Sign up below to be the first one to know when it’s live!