Turn Your Good Wishes into Real Help for Migrants and Refugees

September 1, 2021 By Amaury Berdejo

One of the worst crises of the 21st century is that of migrants and refugees. Due to the consequences of global warming (droughts, floods, fires), armed conflicts, financial crises, natural disasters and attacks against freedom of expression and human rights, hundreds of thousands of people are forced to leave their places of origin every year.

In addition to this, the rise of conservative and anti-migratory movements in developed countries, driven by figures such as former President Donald Trump, have caused a perfect storm that puts already vulnerable groups in a precarious situation. It’s easy to think that individual efforts are of little or no use, but there are organizations that can help you channel your efforts.

Casa de Acogida y Formación y Empoderamiento de la Mujer Migrante y Refugiadas (CAFEMIN)

It is located in Mexico City and is in charge of helping refugee, migrant or asylum-seeking women. They also serve migrant children, adolescents and minors who are not accompanied by an adult. The services they provide are accommodation, food, showers, legal, psychological and medical attention, and workshops so that they can join the workforce in the future.

Asylum Access

If you want to help as a volunteer or raise funds for CAFEMIN or other shelters, contact the Asylum Access association that serves as a meeting point between charitable initiatives and citizens. You can donate here. This association doesn’t only function in Mexico, but is also focused on the parts of the world in constant crisis, with human rights as its priority.

Sin Fronteras IAP

One of the areas in which migrants and asylum seekers need the most help in Mexico (many of whom come from countries in Central America) is legal. The economic and emotional wear and tear that a process of immigration regularization is enormous. Sin Fronteras is an NGO that provides help and legal advice to migrants and refugees. Its website is easy to navigate and provides up-to-date and clear information on the steps that must be taken so that the stay in Mexico is free of legal problems. If you want to help, especially if you have experience and legal credentials, contact

Get more information on how you can support migrant and refugee communities, download the PerSus app.