Here’s How To Take Your Home Office On The Road Safely In 2021

March 3, 2021 By Herzen Cortes

The year 2020 sucked. It sucked for a long list of reasons. From fires, to hurricanes, to a global pandemic that has killed two and a half million people, there is so much to hate about 2020.

But the eternal optimist in many of us should also look at the bright sides of 2020. Yes, there were bright moments. Sure, 2020 is not the greatest but if you’re someone who likes to travel, there might just be a silver lining: People have worked from home for months, and companies are realizing that it lowers their costs and improves worker happiness.

Here’s what that means to us, companies will become more flexible and allow employees to keep working from home. So, it’s up to us to define home. Many of us have been stuck in our less than ideal home offices for much of the year, so why not try taking your office on the road? It’s a lot safer and easier than you might think.

Here’s some advice that might help your travel plans in 2021 and beyond.

1. Get in a car and go somewhere you’ve never been before.

Friends on roadtrip reading map for directions. Group of man and women travelling together in van.

This 2020 we decided to hop in a car and see a side of Florida we’ve never seen before. We took a drive to Destin and discovered that the beach in Destin is up there with one of the most beautiful beaches that I have ever been to. The shark watching in Key West is fantastic, and the sunsets in the Gold Coast…well, I see why the Gold Coast got its name.

2. Go on AirBnb or VRBO and choose a house you can see yourself spending time in.

WROCLAW, POLAND- APRIL 10th, 2017: Woman is installing Airbnb application on Lenovo tablet. Airbnb is an online marketplace and hospitality service, enabling people to lease or rent short-term lodging

COVID is rough, we know this. Traveling has to change and the entire tourism industry will have to change. Get a nice house with a nice view where you can spend time indoors working or take a walk to a coffee shop, or the beach.

3. Don’t be afraid to hop on a plane.

Planes can seem like a crock pot of contagious viruses, but it’s really quite the opposite. Airlines are handling their business and have the best air filtration of any other industry. Keep your mask on but go ahead, hop on that plane to wherever you’re heading.

4. Take advantage of the cancelation policies.

Couple and receptionist at counter in hotel wearing medical masks as precaution against virus. Young couple on a business trip doing check-in at the hotel

Let’s face it, we can all dream of traveling to far off places as much as we want but life is far from normal. The tourism industry is suffering more than others, and cancelation policies have become more flexible. Take advantage of cancelation policies and make sure that the trip you plan is the trip you want to go on. Don’t settle for just a trip!

5. Enjoy!

Whatever you do, enjoy. Whether it be a staycation at home or an AirBnb lost in the Sierra Nevada, give yourself a break from the craziness that comes with the times. Let’s focus on the positives, and speak it into existence. Take your office on the road and enjoy the sunshine, or the mountains, or a pool…after all WFH doesn’t mean you have to be home.