5 Small Lingerie Businesses You Can Support That Aren’t Harmful Fast Fashion

March 21, 2021 By Jessica Garcia

Everyone knows lingerie is sexy, but what if there was lingerie that was sexy, comfortable, and good for our communities and the environment. Well, there is. Here are just five small business lingerie brands you can support: 


Parade is all about making underwear that’s not only fun to wear, but is also soft, comfortable, and sustainable. What’s so cool about Parade is that the core fabric used to make their underwear is made of 85% recycled materials that are free from harmful chemicals.  Even their packaging is compostable and is actually made of 100% cornstarch. 

To check out their colorful underwear, go here

Eco Intimates 

Founded in 2008 in Australia, Eco Intimates is all about creating lingerie and sleepwear that’s “soft on the body and soft on the earth too”. All of their products are hand made with organic cotton and natural fabrics. For founder Madonna Bain, it’s important to create lingerie that’s not only sexy, but will last you a long time, which is why organic cotton is key to Eco Intimates. 

Fun fact: Organic cotton uses 62% less energy and 88% less water to produce than conventional cotton. 

To see their cute and sexy collection, go here


Araks is a combination of everyday lingerie and special occasion lingerie because who says you can’t be sexy every day? Every decision in the fashion business matters to Araks, which is why they’re particular about which vendors they partner with, as well as donate materials they no longer need to schools and other organizations. They even offer care tips to their customers on ways to make their lingerie last longer in efforts to help reduce their carbon footprint. 

To see what lingerie Araks has in store, go here

Posie Lingerie 

Founded in England in 2019, Posie Lingerie is designed to empower the women who dare to stand out. Passionate about leading a sustainable fashion business, Posie Lingerie is always finding ways to increase the longevity of their products. 

To see what Posie Lingerie products catch your eye, go here

Mary Young 

Founded in 2014 by Mary Young herself, the goal of this lingerie brand is to empower women of all body types. During her time in college, Young noticed there weren’t any lingerie brands that offered comfortable lingerie for all body types and for everyday wear. So if you’re looking for cute lingerie that will hug your body in all the right places, Mary Young is the lingerie brand for you. Say goodbye to uncomfortable underwires and hello to comfy sexy! 

To shop for Mary Young lingerie, go here

To learn more about the harmful effects of fast fashion and ways you can help combat against it, make sure to go to the PerSus app here