Transform These 13 Household Items Into Something Wonderfully New

July 2, 2021 By Jessie Stringfield

An easy way to up your sustainability game is by creating less waste through upcycling. Instead of throwing things out, try to think of different ways to repurpose items so they can still serve a purpose in your home instead of wasting away in a landfill.

Old spice containers can be a hummingbird’s newest watering hole.


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These DIY hummingbird feeders are cuter and much easier to keep clean than any storebought one.

Worn-out bath towels can find a new home in the kitchen.

Tattered towels can be cut up and reused as dish rags. Use them to wipe down counters or dry off wet dishes.

Give your burnt-out candles a new role.

Once you’ve burned through your favorite candle, use the glass candle jar as a pen holder on your desk.

Start a garden in empty egg cartons.

Empty egg cartons make excellent seed-sprouting vessels. Fill each well with dirt, bury your seeds, and watch them grow until they’re ready to be replanted.

Old or pair-less socks can help keep your household surfaces clean. 

Give your retired socks a new role and use them to dust or to clean windows and mirrors. 

Empty food jars can store more than just the food that came in them.

Once the jars are empty of the food they were storing, wash them out and use them to store leftover meals or sauces. 

Topless Tupperware can keep you organized. 

You’re Tupperware isn’t useless without a top. Repurpose them as organization containers to keep your pantry neat.

Get crafty with chopsticks. 

Collect all the chopsticks you get from takeout until you have enough to make pretty and useful crafts out of them like shelves or a trivet.

Make a DIY dog toy out of a plastic water bottle.


The Scoop: DIY dog toy using a water bottle and an old sock! #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #BeConvincing #diy

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Stuff an empty bottle in an old sock and tie it closed. Your dog will go crazy for the fun noise and crunch her new toy makes when she bites it.

Toothbrushes can clean more than just teeth.

Instead of throwing away old toothbrushes, use them to clean hard-to-reach places like the rim of water bottles or cracks between grout.

Keep food fresh with shower caps.  

Shower caps work like reusable plastic wrap to cover larger bowls of food. The elastic makes it easy to fit over almost any size container.

Milk or juice cartons make excellent homes and feeders for birds.


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Cut out windows, glue wooden perches, or fill the cartons with birdseed. 

Keep unruly electric cables organized with old hair ties. 


Stop tripping over cables. Use hair ties to keep excess cords out of your way.

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