5 Tiny Tips To Make Your Home A More Sustainable Place

September 9, 2021 By Justin Lessner

You don’t have to switch up your entire life to live a more sustainable one. In fact, there are countless tiny tweaks you can make at home that not only help the environment, but can be better for your health while saving you cash. That’s called a win-win-win.

From simple swaps (after you use up what you have first) to beneficial habits that are easy to start, you’ll find lots of sustainable tips that you can start implementing into your everyday routine. Here’s a simple list to make your life greener at home:

Beware of household appliances

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Some appliances are more harmful to the environment than others, so it is important that you choose well. In this case, it is very easy to know which one you should choose, because the electrical appliances are marked with a classification that measures the performance of each appliance in seven letters that go from A to G. Class A electrical appliances are the most efficient and class G, the least efficient. The most efficient ones tend to use less light and water, as well as last longer, which generates less pollution and garbage.

Use energy efficient lights

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There are bulbs and lights that are considered low energy consumers.. These are the best option to avoid high energy costs, since the generation of light is a pollutant due to the fuel used to create it. And although there are places like Iceland, where the land is used to generate energy, the fact is that most of us get our power from plants that burn fossil fuels – so we need to take care with our power consumption.

Use environmentally friendly materials

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For example, take advantage of ecological paint to design your home. This is made with natural ingredients such as minerals and vegetables, manufactured with biodegradable waste and renewable sources. Containing no petroleum, lead, or toxic solvents, they are better for the planet.

Opt for endemic plants.

It’s always a good idea to get plants that occur natrually in your area, so you avoid having to ship plants from faraway lands. Also, remember that you can fertilize them naturally. You can also choose ecological pots that usually have an artistic touch and that make them very special products and different from the basic ones your neighbors have.

Cover up those windows.

In Mexico City, the climate does not suffer from many extremes. Most of the year we are comfortable in our home without the need for heat or air conditioning. However, in places with more extreme climates, such as many other states in the country, including northern Mexico, it is very common for homes to require air conditioners, fans or heating. In those cases, for a home that is friendly to the environment, it is advisable to use windows that isolate the outside climate and help regulate the temperature inside the house.

Bonus: A feeling of peace

Although the priority is to create a space that is sustainable, the truth is that this must also go in line with a sense of peace. Any home is much more enjoyable if people feel comfortable and calm in it. Therefore, it is important that sustainability goes hand in hand with a space that produces a feeling of peace, based on warm colors and harmonic textures. That is, we need to find a balance between having a beautiful place we feel comfortable in and a space that is healthy for planet Earth.

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