4 Simple Tips That Everyone Can Do To Boost Their Brain Power

March 29, 2021 By Lino Montalvo

In a society where the way you look can make you famous, and in a time when that fame can come in seconds, more people than ever are obsessed with how they present themselves to others. Many of us are taking care of every aspect of our look, and while that is not completely a bad thing, usually people start neglecting the most important part of themselves: the brain.

It’s easy to think that only people with mental health issues are the ones that need to take care of their brains, that the rest of us are fine and we don’t need to worry about it. 

Well, we all do. Have you ever felt tired for no reason? Have you forgotten what you had for breakfast? Have you had days when you can’t just function right? That means your brain is tired and needs a boost. 

To give your brain power a boost is actually easier than it sounds. Just by implementing these easy little habits in your daily routine, you will see a huge difference in your life.

1. Exercising

This one is an easy guess since it’s well known that exercising improves your physical and mental health. But don’t worry, you don’t have to become a gym rat, just by doing simple cardio like running, walking or going on a bike ride for 30 minutes a couple of times a week can improve your memory and in the long run protect your brain from degeneration.

2. Eating Well

Another well know trick to stay healthy is of course eating well. All specialists recommend to never skip breakfast since it is proven to help with short-term memory and attention. Also, if you like to also start your day with coffee, the caffeine and antioxidants are proven to help with memory and cognitive improvement.

Foods with healthy fats like omega-3 can lower the risk of dementia, strokes and mental decline. Nuts and chocolate provide vitamin E which reduces cognitive decline. Other foods to consider to eat more often are berries, avocados and whole grains.

3. Getting Your Sleep

Didn’t I say these were easy habits? Napping is a great way to reboot your brain and charge it for the rest of the day since it helps make new connections in the brain and can help with solving creative problems.

4. Brain Training

Your brain needs special challenges to help it get stronger. Learning a new skill has shown significant improvement in brain function. If learning something new seems a little hard to do, you can always do a puzzle or play Tetris for a couple of minutes a day.

As you can see, these very easy habits can improve your brain power, the problem is that they are so easy that in our fast paced lifestyle we forget to do them. Staying healthy is just a matter of taking a moment for ourselves, and your brain will thank you.

Want to boost your brain power? Try doing a puzzle this month and then challenge your friends to do the same. You might surprise yourself on how well you do!