TikToker Halle Burns Is Making Vegan Dorm Cooking Look Easy

January 1, 2021 By Danielli Marzouca

Halle Burns (@ballehurns) started quarantine like the rest of us—taking to TikTok for comfort. Her soothing voice, simple plant-based recipes, and salutary words of affirmation ended up comforting TikTok the most. Halle now owns the TikTok intersection of ASMR and vegan recipe hacks. We think these videos are how she earned her spot on her humble throne.

1. We only eat crackers like this now


have you guys ever tried panera bread’s honey walnut cream cheese? please say yes 😔

♬ Classical – Meditation Music

At this point, we’re not sure if we’re here for the recipes or the pure hit of serotonin. To quote a commenter on this 11.6M streamed video, “I feel like I’m watching bob ross’s cooking edition.”

2. Some hot tips for being vegan in college:


an exclusive look inside my kitchen

♬ Morning – Honshu Lo Fi

The best advice we’ve heard no matter how old you are: “Don’t feel bad about what you eat, because it’s going to be weird no matter what.”

3. Because crying while making popcorn is extremely normal now.

College is hard, you guys. College during a pandemic when your work order request for broken blinds isn’t received before you accidentally expose yourself to the general public is harder. You know?

4. Yes, you can make pickle powder with a butter knife in a dorm room.


Reply to @pantiehoe i am a selenator

♬ Browsing – The Nine

Once again, this is purely for popcorn purposes.

5. May someone look at you the same way Halle looks at pumpkin butter.


tomorrow is october

♬ Farandolle – Icbm

Nobody told us that you can make chocolate covered pumpkin truffles in your college dorm. Well, I guess Halle did. Thanks.

6. Get ready to go to sleep now.

After lots of begging by her fans, Halle read the world a story and we all went to sleep, the end.

7. “Sweet n spicy sprouts wif creamy lime sos”


sweet n spicy sprouts wif creamy lime sos 🤌

♬ Sunflowers – Rook1e

Anyone who has ever turned a plantain into a tostone is going to be peeved they didn’t think of smashing brussel sprouts first.

8. Because you didn’t know how much you liked brussel sprouts ’til now.

You didn’t know you needed to watch an angel make brussel sprout chips to the tune of the Titanic theme song.

9. Puffed cinnamon spice rice paper


snack idea 👍🏼

♬ Who Babe – mtbrd

Peep the comment section to marvel at how many people had apparently never seen rice paper before and gag. 

The bottom line? Eating plant-based cafeteria food is probably healthier than anything else you can put on a tray. Still, Halle is proving that, if you’ve got the time, you can make your own oat milk, make yourself a frothy latte with only a french press, and that popcorn is the correct thing to make while having a graceful cry. Check out her YouTube channel for more tips on vegan thrifting, bedtime stories, and her honest take on college.