TikTok Discovers That Our Aunts Already Knew The Secrets To Sustainability

April 14, 2021 By César Albarrán Torres

Social media has helped us discover how others live, which has been particularly entertaining during these months in lockdown.

Almost all household chores are cumbersome and we usually choose the easiest solution, but it is not always the most appropriate, affordable or sustainable. TikTok is a gold mine when it comes to tips for the home. After all, aunts are right.

Throw out those disgusting food containers, for goodness sake!

We love this idea for classifying your containers and noticing that some are truly useless. It’s true that you can’t keep all of them. You’ll soon have more space in your kitchen.

Just make sure to recycle the plastic. If you have children, they can use the lids and broken containers for arts & crafts to keep them entertained, at least for a few minutes of lockdown.

Novelties are not always the best, neither is hoarding junk.

Let’s be honest, falling prey to telemarketing is somewhat programmed into our nature. It’s true. But as this TikToker reminds us, sometimes the oldies are the goodies. Such as these dishwashing gloves that promise to be the best thing ever but if you buy them, they will probably end up in oblivion. No more plastic, please.

Vinegar is like the home’s Vick Vaporub… good for everything.

Our aunts, moms and grandmas always said… vinegar is quite possibly the only thing you need to clean your home. We tend to buy dozens of super specialized cleaning products but most stains and grime only require a humble squirt of vinegar.

Does your kitchen sink stink? Pour some baking soda and then a splash of vinegar, you will see how foam rises and cleans everything.

Don’t be lazy, mijo, make your own sauce.

Most of the hipster culture emphasizes DIY… yes, doing things yourself without the need to buy or hire someone to do it.

For decades, our grandmas went to the market and bought fresh ingredients to cook. Now everyone uploads recipes on TikTok as if it was just discovered. Buying fresh ingredients isn’t a trend, but rather a sustainable and healthy practice. Go cook something, kids!

Cotton is wonderful, for real!

I’m sure plenty of our moms take out cotton balls for everything… to remove makeup, clean jewelry, stuff a teddy bear. Well, Millennials have discovered they were right… cotton balls are a must in any decent home.

Don’t throw away the jars!

We all know jars and mason jars are essential in any cool house. But the truth is ladies have been using them for years for all types of things, from storing buttons and needles to raw beans, including flower vases. Don’t throw away any jars, peel off the label and use them, they are much more hygienic and healthy than plastic containers.