This TikToker Is Making Makeup Out Of Recycled Plastics

January 4, 2021 By Justin Lessner

Even with the pandemic turning the world on its head in 2020, so many cosmetic and skincare brands have been working hard to revolutionize the industry. Many see now as the perfect opportunity – pandemic and all – to reinvent the way people consume and look at skincare and cosmetics. 

Enter Down Boy Studio. 

Instead of taking the easy route and following in the footsteps of other cosmetic brands, Down Boy Studio’s founder, Michelle Bali, was determined to find a better, more sustainable way forward for her brand. And she’s sharing it with the whole world in incredible videos on TikTok.

The cosmetic brand based in Canada already has an enormous cult following.

Credit: Down Boy Studio

Down Boy Studio is the brand that has taken 2020 by storm. Borne out of a pandemic, the Canadian-based cosmetics line is bringing a very simple message that’s shaking up the industry: that sustainability and equality should be at the core of everything we do.

It sounds straightforward but it’s an idea that so many of us struggle to understand. But not to worry, Down Boy Studio is breaking down that all important message in fun and creative ways that are reaching new audiences.

Down Boy Studio is all about inclusivity and accessibility. 

For a brand that describes itself as a genderless makeup brand, this should come as no surprise. But Down Boy Studio definitely lives up to its ethos, in everything from its online store to social media posts. You can see how important it is that all of us are represented and this is where the brand gets so much of its identity. It’s a line that anyone can see themselves in and that’s what we need more of.

The brand prides itself on its eco-friendly packaging.

Typically, products we buy online arrive in several layers of wasteful and unnecessary packaging. Not only has Down Boy Studio cut down on wastefulness, but the brand has created its own eco-friendly packing using recycled plastics! In a video on TikTok, Michelle breaks down the process. 

Together with Tita and Niam, Down Boy Studio takes post-consumer plastics and turns them into makeup containers, giving them a second life. The process is mesmerizing to watch.

@DownBoy.Studio on TikTok has over 17,000 followers and their videos are everything!

Apart from the pure innovation that took place to make all of this happen, Down Boy Studio regularly posts great content to their TikTok, letting us all get a peek at the behind the scenes processes, from photoshoots to makeup tutorials. 

This is something that so many of us should hear more often. Makeup was sold as a requirement to cover up our insecurities when we should be buying and using makeup because it gives us joy. Ready to get your hands on Down Boy Studio products? You can shop their online store and learn more about their mission here!