This TikTok User Is Bringing Street Vendors To Tears

October 9, 2020 By Jessica Garcia

At first glance, TikTok might seem like nothing but a social media app filled with quirky dance tutorials, ridiculous trends, and silly pranks. However, there are some folks who are actually using TikTok for something good and meaningful. 

Meet Viridiana Serrano, who goes by Viri on TikTok. She uses TikTok  to collect donations from people who follow her and then uses those donations to give out money to hard working street vendors across her city. 

Credit: @ya.girl.vee | Instagram

It all started in July when Viridiana posted a video about a TikTok trend she saw called “The Buy Out Challenge”.

Back at it again! Support your vendors ❤️🇲🇽 #fyp #foryoupage #buyout#spreadinglove

♬ original sound – Viri

Virdianai decided to give this trend a try and approached a street vendor who was selling bouquets of flowers. Even though Viridiana went with the intention of buying only one bouquet of flowers, she gave the seller a total of $100. In response, the street vendor froze and gasped in disbelief, beyond grateful for the donation Viridiana had just given her. 

With the increase of views Viridiana got on this TikTok video, also came the increase of donations she was receiving. Now, Viridiana’s TikTok account is solely dedicated to helping out street vendors with the donations she receives from her followers. With all the support, Viridiana has been able to give more to local street vendors, donating as much as $100 to $500. 

Despite recent incidents of street vendors being robbed and harrassed, and despite the scorching hot temperatures outside, these street vendors are still hustling. This is something that Viridiana admires and why she’s so passionate to help them out as much as she can. 

In response, most street vendors just stand there shocked, some cry in disbelief, and others reach out to embrace Viridiana, thanking her for the money. 

Viridiana made it clear in one of her videos that she’s not posting all of this content to get likes. Her goal with these videos is not only to support hard working street vendors, but to spread positivity. She hopes that this will inspire other people to find ways to support their own communities.

Let’s keep it going ❤️ street vendors #foryoupage #spreadingpositivity

♬ original sound – Viri

If you’d like to contribute to this wonderful TikTok trend, go ahead and donate to Viridiana’s venmo: Viridiana-serrano7. 

Luckily, Viridiana isn’t the only one using TikTok for something amazing. There’s also TikTok user Lexy Kadey from Nashville, Tennessee. 


She just got evicted- this is going to help her get back on her feet. You all did this!!! #fyp #MorningCheer #DinnerWithMe #venmochallenge #lexylately

♬ Fix You – Viva la Vida

Earlier in May of 2020, Lexy posted a video on TikTok about the #venmochallenge. The #venmochallenge is when you ask all of your followers to each send you 50 cents or a dollar, all of which you use to pay it forward in some way. Lexy’s plan with this challenge was to use the money to give a large tip to someone working at a restaurant. Considering that a lot of restaurant employees went out of business when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Lexy thought that these folks would benefit from the money the most. Now that restaurants in Nashville are open, Lexy decided to show her appreciation to restaurant employees through a large sum of a tip. 

After recording the reactions of some of the servers, the videos quickly went viral and Lexy started getting more followers, which meant more donations. 

So far with this TikTok challenge, Lexy has had the opportunity to tip between $100 and $1,000 to a total of 70 people. SEVENTY people! 

Similar to the street vendors Viridiana donates money to, these restaurant employees Lexy encounters also respond with gasps, smiles, and tears after receiving their large tip. 

At the end of the day, Lexy’s motive with these challenges is not to gain likes, but to spread positivity, hope, and kindness. If you’d like to donate 50 cents or a dollar to Lexy and be part of this amazing challenge, check out her information below: 

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