These Are Etsy’s Top Shops For Eco-Friendly Products

September 1, 2021 By Francisco Solís

Etsy is not only a shopping site, it is a global digital market where you can find a great selection of products, including, of course, offers of sustainable products and brands that support a variety of causes.

Here we show you a series of Etsy Shops that are produced in a sustainable manner and, at the same time, support socially marginalized groups.

The Polymath Latina

With provocative phrases that fight against the stereotypes of Latinas in the US, this store has T-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories. A percentage of its sales goes to a program that helps Latina women pay for their education in the US.


The whole process is handmade, with Shabori dye made from a natural indigo obtained from a plant called Añil. The fabric is sewn, tied and folded to achieve these incredible patterns. Each piece is unique, as the entire process is handmade, you cannot find two identical fabrics.


Lampada specializes in lampshades and unique artwork crafted from recycled coffee filters. The earth-tone patterns of the natural coffee filters, and those stained with water-based paint, create an eco-friendly art that will add ambience to any room.


Scarves and garments made with traditional techniques and natural fibers handmade in Uruguay with fabrics, plush, manufactured and hand-dyed with ecological and natural vegetable dyes. Organic wool, cotton and linen define its sustainable processes and materials.

Crea-Re Design

Crea-re offers products in exclusive handmade designs: lamps and bags made of recycled materials. The brand’s name is derived from creation, creativity, “CREATE” and recycling, “RE”. It is mainly focused on the creative process, the creativity of our ideas and the recycling of unwanted items.

Porcupine Hugs

Porcupine Hugs is committed to helping our environment, that’s why cards are printed on 30% of post-consumer waste paper by using eolic energy, envelopes are recycled and the products are packaged in biodegradable plastic sleeves made of completely compostable plants.

Titina Store

This is a fun store of small crafts, accessories and jewelry made with recyclable materials and based in the city of Jalisco, Mexico. Supporting local businesses is very important and eco-friendly.

Interest has recently peaked to know not only the origin and materials of the items we purchase, but also which community they help or to which racial group the brands belong. Shopping is not only about acquiring products anymore, it is a political and social message.

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