The Tiktok Community Sets The Example On How To Live A Sustainable Life

April 21, 2021 By Francisco Solís

In addition to being the favorite entertainment venue for many young people, Tiktok has become a platform for spreading ideas and sending positive messages to everyone. Of course, ecology, sustainability and the circular economy are topics that some Tiktokers address in short but meaningful messages. Their work should not go unnoticed, so we give you some examples of accounts devoted to sustainability that are leaving their mark on the community.


With very practical videos, Caro Aguilar gives you tips and tutorials on how to grow fruits, vegetables and other plants in your own garden. In addition to providing advice and sharing her knowledge on small crops, Caro’s posts have reached over a million likes thanks to the empathy she conveys in each of her clips.


In her account, Salvemos al Planeta, Eco Pau is conducting a challenge of environmental actions throughout April for her followers. At her TikTok you will find a series of instructions on how to sprout a variety of vegetables and few recycling techniques. She accompanies you through the process and gives you incentives to lead a more sustainable life.

Ayuda al planeta al 100 has earned over a million followers with practical tutorials on the everyday use of vegetables to help reduce the consumption of industrial products. From building your garden at home to reutilizing vegetable waste to produce sprouts, snacks or crafts.


Itzel Vallarta shares with us some very interesting content on sustainable fashion. She presents small pieces of information that will help you consume more responsibly and she even organizes events for clothing swaps and garage sales, activities that have created a community on their own. Furthermore, she offers practical advice so that looking good doesn’t imply sacrificing the planet’s wellbeing.


Vive planeta is a highly entertaining account where they provide a range of alternatives for plastic products. The purpose of this account is to reduce the production of waste, encourage recycling and raise awareness on responsible consumption. It also includes tips and advice on vegetarian meals and how to lead a sustainable life.

This is just a sample of the TikTok users who are helping to spread valuable information to safeguard the planet in an entertaining and precise way. We recommend that you follow them.

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