The Raw and Honest Truth About Being Sober Is Being Shown Through These TikTok Videos

October 19, 2020 By Jessica Garcia

In a world of social media, more and more people are creating content not just for the likes, but for the meaningful connections they’re able to build with their audiences. Take for instance, TikTok user Geoff Tamayo, who uses his social media profile to shed light on the journeys of different folks who are fighting addiction. In his videos, Tamayo asks different questions to people who are in rehab, which has led viewers to open up about their own journeys with sobriety. 

In one video, Tamayo asked folks in a rehabilitation clinic, “What would you tell someone whose loved one is struggling with addiction?” And the responses they gave actually helped serve as advice for different viewers. 

What viewers especially love about this TikTok profile is that the folks in the videos give you the raw and honest truth about sobriety. 

Throughout the comments, you’ll also see that some people give their own honest responses to the question being asked in the video. For instance, in one video Tamayo asks the question, “What’s one thing people don’t tell you about sobriety?” In response, one person in the comments said, “One thing they don’t tell you about sobriety is that you have to learn who you are all over again because drunk/high you is not the real you.”

Since the folks in the videos are so honest with their responses, it’s encouraged viewers to share their personal thoughts and stories as well. 

This was a viewer’s response to a video about what motivates you to stay sober.

What keeps drawing more viewers to this TikTok profile is that they’re able to relate to the people in the videos on so many levels. 

In a video about what you’ve done that you’re proud of since getting sober, many viewers were able to relate to one of the person’s responses in particular. Check it out here

In addition to relatability, these videos are also giving people hope.

Just like you see with the folks in the videos, having a sense of community is so important during your journey with sobriety. You see that sense of community across people in the comments as well, which is beautiful given the fact that they’re all strangers to one another. However, strangers or not, it’s the vulnerability and honesty across these videos that makes viewers feel a sincere connection. 

Overall, this TikTok profile is giving folks a platform where they can share stories and connect with others who are also fighting their addictions. 

Not only are these videos connecting people to one another, the content is also helping normalize getting sober, as mentioned in the comment above. Even though discussions about addiction and sobriety are considered taboo, it’s this type of content that helps dismantle the stigma. Just like they said in this video about what people have learned from their addiction, you’re not alone. 

Aside from creating content, Tamayo has also opened up an online shop where you buy different “Sober Squad” merchandise. With everyone’s purchases, 50% of the proceeds go toward helping people in recovery pursue their passions, whether that may be going back to school to learn a new skill or taking steps toward their dream careers. The other half of the proceeds go toward helping Tamayo make more content. 

If you’d like to purchase any of the merchandise for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, check out the shop here

As shown in one of Tamayo’s TikTok videos, a lot of the folks at the rehab center he’s at are very talented, which is why he’s so motivated to help them out. 

As mentioned in the comment above, reminding people of their talents and encouraging them to pursue those talents is part of what helps folks remain sober. Not only that, but it also helps break down the stigma that addicts are bad people. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction and want help, you can search for the nearest rehab center here. All you have to do is type in your zip code or city and a list of rehab centers will pop up on the map. As for free online resources, you can visit for helpful information. Here you can find free academic journals about addiction, as well as free online course materials that can help you have a better understanding of what exactly addiction is. 

In addition to Tamayo’s TikTok profile, you can also listen to other people’s stories about addiction and recovery on podcasts like Last Day, My Child & ADDICTION: A Parent-to-Parent Podcast, Addiction Unlimited, and Recovery Rocks. In these podcasts, you might find stories you can relate to, words that inspire you, or helpful advice for your journey with sobriety. 

Whichever resource it is that you go to, just remember that you’re not alone! Just like you saw across Tamayo’s TikTok profile, there’s a whole community on social media that proves it. 

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