The Best And Easiest TikTok Hacks to Revamp Your Closet

December 11, 2020 By Vivi Martell

If you’re searching for a new hobby that’s fun, trendy, and sustainable, I have the perfect hobby to keep you busy while quarantining; upcycling. 

Upcycling is a way to recycle items that are no longer being used. It allows you to reuse materials put to waste and add a creative and unique element to them. Upcycling offers a myriad of benefits, ranging from environmental to social and personal. It has recently become one of the most refreshing trends on TikTok.

TikTok users can be seen making videos on simple sewing hacks, tie-dying old pieces of clothing, bleaching denim, and adding their own personal touch by painting on their clothing. Some users have gone as far as to turn this hobby into a career; user Alexa Munday @drinkkbleacch launched her own Depop store because of all the requests she was getting due to her viral tik tok videos.

TikTok user @amanduhpanduhh allows us to follow her on a five-day journey of upcycling old pieces from her and her mother’s closet. 

To follow her five-day upcycling projects, you can find her account here

Watch how @carolinewebster transforms her middle school wardrobe to fit her new and improved high school style.

If you already know how to sew, then @k0nstanse is the perfect account for you.

Follow her to see her sewing journey and for more easy DIY sewing hacks.


Part 5 of making my own custom clothes🤟🏽 I sewed for 8 hours straight🙈 #customclothes #pants #diy #sewing #fyp

♬ PJ – ppcocaine

However, you can upcycle your closet in many different ways. Tie-dying, painting, and bleaching clothing pieces are just a few things you can do to revamp your old wardrobe into new stylish pieces.  

Tie-dye sets have become one of the most popular trends of 2020, but did you know it could quickly be done at home with pieces you most likely already have in your closet?

By grabbing a simple pair of old sweats, a sweater, or a t-shirt, you can quickly transform those boring ragged pieces into the perfect pop of color your wardrobe needed by tie-dying them! It can be a fun, sustainable, and perfect quarantine hobby. 

See how @ninetytwos transforms a simple all-white two-piece set into a unique Tie-dye masterpiece


Step 1: Damp the clothing completely, pick a tie dye technique (I chose crumple), drop your colors, let it sit, rinse, wash, and dry! #tiedye #diy #fy

♬ original sound – Ninety Twos

By following a few fast and easy steps, this simple hoodie can be turned into a one of a kind blue tie-dye dream

Watch @lucaruggiero99 create a unique Tie-Dye shirt for her brother.

These creative DIYs don’t stop there. Tiktokers have even gone as far as painting and bleaching old clothing pieces to add a sense of style to their wardrobes. The artwork on clothing gives the artist creative freedom and shows off their talent while wearing it. 

This TikTok creator adds a creative twist to her simple baggy jeans by bleaching and customizing them!

You can check out her account for some fun DIY inspiration here, and you can buy her creations through her tiktok account.


sunset smiley faces🥰 tie dying clothes pt 5 #fyp

♬ Doja Cat Say So but its slowed and lofi – LLusion

This talented tiktok creator upcycles a pair of denim shorts with a custom painting

However, when bleaching, make sure to not make the same mistake this user did when she destroyed a pair of jeans by using regular bleach and not taping them properly. 


i actually never knew bleach could do this to any materials, now i know HAHAHA #foryoupage #fyp #fail #bleachjean #bleachingmypants #bleachjeansfail

♬ Use this sound if you about it – Tik Toker

If this is your first time using bleach on your clothing, fabric color remover is a lifesaver and will prevent further damage to your clothes! 

TikTok has given so many people the platform to share their unique ideas, promote small businesses, and guide others onto living a life of sustainability. The future seems promising, and it’s exciting to think about what more creative ideas the future holds.  

Thanks to the creativity that comes from TikTok, We can look forward to all the future creative and sustainable ideas TikTok has to offer. TikTok users worldwide are allowed to learn how they can upcycle their closest while keeping up with the latest trends. These easy DIYs are the perfect way to help the environment, stay safe, save money, and stay on-trend.