Take Control Of Your Personal Sustainability: Reuse To Avoid Polluting

October 18, 2021 By Sandra Gancz

Mexico generates 120,000 tons of waste a day. In addition to being a colossal amount, sadly it is not necessary to throw away most of that stuff because it is reusable and recyclable. What matters for taking advantage of those items is that they do not reach the landfill because once combined, everything becomes garbage.

The best way to manage trash is to avoid waste. The famous three R’s of sustainability – reduce, reuse and recycle – are the most efficient way to save natural resources and money.

Before you dispose of something, think about whether it has really finished its useful life or you can give it another use. Extend the useful life of all your items before buying new ones.

Do you know the difference between reuse and recycle?

Recycling means turning a product into raw materials that can be reused to create something entirely new. Recycling is better than throwing away, but it consumes energy, so reusing is better than recycling.

Reusing an object means finding it useful in its current state. This reduces the amount of garbage we create. Thrift stores that sell clothing, furniture, and books are a great example of how to get the most out of everything. There are also many websites that help you borrow, rent, or sell any unwanted items that are in good condition.

Manufacturing new products depletes our natural resources and waste disposal pollutes our environment.

One way to prevent waste, improve our communities, and increase overall well-being is to take useful items discarded by those who no longer want them and deliver them to those who need them.

Buy used items because they are cheaper and almost as good as new. Look for products that use the least amount of packaging to reduce waste. Don’t use disposable items, bring your own cup to the stadium. Repair your clothes and appliances to avoid buying new ones. If you use disposable plates and cups at home, wash them because they are made to withstand many uses!

Organize an exchange among your neighbors, perhaps what you no longer use can be very useful for someone else. Donating what no longer serves you is also excellent because in addition to preventing your things from reaching the landfills, you help expand their useful life.

We invite you to reuse and exchange instead of discarding. It is time to reduce waste, promote sustainability and contribute your efforts for the good of the planet, people and prosperity.