7 Mother’s Day Gifts for Personal And Environmental Sustainability

May 6, 2021 By Jessie Stringfield

Moms are the best so they deserve the best. But what’s better than a bunch of material gifts that will probably just end up in landfills? Sustainable gifts, that’s what. Yes, obviously gifts that are sustainably produced, but also ones that support personal sustainability like self-care. 

This Mother’s Day thank your mom for all she does for you by giving her one of these sustainable gifts.

1. Donate to a cause close to your mom’s heart in her name.

Talk with your mom about a cause she’d love to contribute to and then surprise her with a donation. A lot of non-profits allow you to donate in honor of someone and you can have an e-card sent to their email as a surprise!

2. Help your mom explore her creative side.

Encourage your mom to explore her creativity by booking a fun and interactive class. Maybe she might like to take a painting, baking, dancing, pottery, or cooking class. And if you can join her even better!

3. Swap your mom’s single-use items for reusable ones.

Maybe your mom hasn’t made the switch to reusable shopping bags or coffee cups yet. Help her make the transition by surprising her with a couple of cute, reusable shopping bags and sturdy reusable water bottles and coffee cups that she’ll love and use again and again!

4. Give your mom an excuse to relax.

Treat your mom to a spa package to help her relax physically and mentally. Nothing quite melts the body and mind like a soothing massage. Facials, acupuncture, and mani-pedis are all great options too!

5. Take a fitness class together! 

Support your mom and her physical health by taking a fun fitness class together. Maybe try a gentle yoga or pilates class or even a spin or Zumba class if fast-paced is more her style.

6. Give her a gift that keeps on giving.

Sure, flowers are pretty and all, but after a few days, they’re hopelessly bound for the trash. This year try giving your mom a plant that can find a permanent home in her house or garden. The best part is you can help her plant it and spend quality time together. 

7. Get outdoors

Everyone benefits from being out in nature and getting fresh air. You could surprise your mom with a picnic outside or go for a scenic hike. No matter how your mom prefers to spend time outdoors, she’ll be happy to be spending it with you.

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