The Pandemic Birthed A New Way To Wipe: Reusable Toilet Paper

February 1, 2021 By Danielli Marzouca

We all lived through the toilet paper shortage at the first stage of pandemic panic. Maybe you started rationing toilet paper or waited for delivery trucks to pull through at your local grocery store, or questioned the sustainability of toilet paper altogether.

One woman named Sarah in Eugene, Oregon, did just that. Marley’s Monsters is a women-run business with a mission to up-cycle flannel fabrics into reusable paper towels, diapers, pail liners, and, now, toilet paper. With more disposable masks in the ocean than jellyfish, Sarah foreshadowed further climate disaster and “designed this product in response to the current COVID-19 health crisis affecting the planet.”

I bought it.

Credit: marleysmonsters / Instagram

When I first saw this product roll-out, it piqued my interest, but I wasn’t that desperate for toilet paper. Eight months later, guess where I funneled my election day anxiety? I stress purchased a set of rainbow Toilet UNpaper®, a Tushy bidet, and a wet bag (to store all the used UNpaper until wash day).

After a couple of months of use, I’m officially here to evangelize you.

Welcome to my bathroom. The Toilet UNpaper® is created from 100% cotton flannel, which means it is soft and absorbent. After the first wash, the fabric becomes even softer and easier to stick together.

The few times I’ve used disposable toilet paper in the last few months helped me realize just how much more comfortable flannel is on your bottom. Plus, there’s nothing that brings me greater gay joy on a regular basis than wondering what color of the rainbow I’ll be using to wipe.

Here’s how it works.

Credit: marleysmonsters / Instagram

Do your business. Bidet if needed (hint: for #2 only). Use one strip of highly absorbent, very soft, colorful UNpaper. Place in wet bag and zip back up. Once a week or so, I wash these guys along with my dirty reusable paper towels on hot water. After they’ve dried, you just roll them back up on the roll. There’s a soothing art about deciding what kind of colorful experience I want my future self to have as I’m rolling.

Marley’s Monsters said it best: “You don’t have to make the switch to Toilet UNpaper® all at once. They are great when paired with a bidet or even for keeping as a back up for emergencies. They can also add a lot of personality to your toilet paper holder! 🌈⁠”