Anger Rooms And Scream Clubs May Be The New Mental Health Outlet You Didn’t Know You Needed

April 1, 2021 By César Albarrán Torres

Most of us live in a culture in which repressing one’s feelings is often seen as a positive and even virtuous quality. However, we all know that life is less than perfect sometimes.

The past 15 months have been particularly challenging for everyone, with the pandemic and its many social, economic, psychological and cultural challenges (including a particularly vitriolic US presidential election cycle that had the whole world reeling).

Because “good manners” dictate that we shall not express our feelings by screaming or showing aggression (a cultural notion that affects women in particular), a lot of emotions get bottled in, causing harm. However, a few experts and entrepreneurs are realizing that letting go is actually a great thing after all.

Ever feel like smashing a TV set with a baseball bat? Well, now you can, no judgement!

The Break Room is one of these ‘rage rooms’ that offers a cathartic experience. According to the club, “Inside The Break Room there’s only you, your breakables and a baseball bat in your hand. How you spend you time and how you go about letting out your feelings is entirely up to you. Your goal is to use this time to feel better, release any aggression, and have a great time. We’ll do everything we can to make that happen for you along the way.”

Andrea, a 38-year-old design executive visited this place, and tells us about her experience: “I visited The Break Room out of curiosity and as a personal challenge. I have a hard time doing things that could be judged as ‘ridiculous’ or anything that places me in a vulnerable position in front of others. It is also hard for me to get anger out of my system, as it goes against the idea of being ‘a good girl.”

She tells us what her experience was like: “I was a bit uncomfortable at first and I was aware that the personnel was watching me, but after I smashed the first plate I felt free. Adrenaline started pumping, as if I was engaged in an extreme sport. Physically it is also a very demanding activity. After my session I started crying while walking in the streets, before the session I had the need to let go: those bottled up feelings were awoken in the break room.”

Would she recommend the experience to others? “I think it is a good method to let go of your emotions without hurting anyone. However, I am against the idea of placing photos of your exes or other people on the objects you are about to break, because you are giving in to the other person, and you are transferring the responsibility you have towards your own feelings.”

We all need a good scream from time to time… here come scream clubs! Ahhhh!

Ever feel like you want to scream all your feelings away, or have you locked yourself in your car or an empty room to let out a good “Ahhhhh!”? Well, the pandemic and all those endless Zoom meetings certainly made us feel like we could scream.

With the perfect storm of personal and collective crises, creativity struck and Scream Club was created. It is a web platform in which users can collectively scream into the void, getting their adrenaline up and experiencing a relaxing release. As detailed in Vice, the website even has a leaderboard for the longest scream!