PerSus Is The New App You Need To Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle

April 26, 2021 By Jessie Stringfield

Our environment has taken a beating but luckily many of us have taken note and are fighting for a change. Are you that someone who realizes the importance of sustainable living?

Do you want to make more sustainable choices in your life but you’re not quite sure where to start? Or maybe you’re someone who has been practicing a sustainable lifestyle for years but wants to get others on board too. Do you want to hold companies accountable for their environmental impact? Luckily, there’s a perfect new tool to help you do all that and more.

With the PerSus app, you can achieve personal sustainability while inspiring others and having fun!

PerSus is all about personal sustainability. To create the best and most sustainable versions of ourselves we need to focus our energy on our relationship with ourselves, our environment, and our communities. It’s PerSus’ mission to equip you with new tools to make personal sustainability achievable and fun no matter your experience level. If you’re interested in making a change or have no idea of where to start, PerSus makes it simple. 

PerSus is the first-ever tool that will effectively allow people to track their own sustainability while creating awareness around their everyday actions.  

The PerSus app was created to help you measure your impact and help you take steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle by creating a fun, simple, and even social experience.

Everyone in the app receives a PerSus score between zero and five based on your understanding of personal sustainability. This score changes as you complete PerSus challenges, rate brands and restaurants, and engage with other users like your friends or even celebrities that use the app.

These in-app challenges are a fun way to try and add new sustainable habits to your lifestyle like meatless Mondays or swapping your old toothbrush for a bamboo one. Anyone will be able to create challenges and invite other users to participate. Several well-known celebs such as William Levy and Yalitza Aparicio are already on board and are creating challenges that are waiting for you to complete! 

The PerSus app is all about helping you incorporate sustainability into your everyday life.

 The app helps you do this by giving you the ability to rate brands and places on their sustainability. The next time you go to a restaurant take note of how many meat-less options they offer or what kind of reusable or compostable packing they use if any. That way you can inform other users of sustainable or maybe not-so-sustainable places and encourage businesses to make sustainability a priority.

Now is the time to realize the power of personal sustainability. Download the PerSus app now to get started on your own personal sustainability journey!