Why You Should Pass On The Poison And Try These Natural Pest Control Alternatives

February 5, 2021 By Jessie Stringfield

I think we can all agree that our pets are the greatest, purest things to have ever graced this planet. And if you don’t relate to this humble opinion one hundred percent, you still probably prefer cats and dogs to rats and insects.

We treat our pets like part of the family. Yet, when it comes to pests, harsh measures have been normalized to exterminate them. But what happens when your beloved pet eats something that was intended for a pesky visitor?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to my dog, Colima, when she ate rat poison outside of the supermarket the other day.

Luckily I caught her in the act and rushed her to the vet immediately. She returned home unharmed, but I was seriously shook. 

That experience was a great reminder of how dangerous some of these common household chemicals are and raises the question of how necessary they really are? Instead of using sketchy rodenticides and pesticides, here are some natural pest deterrents that are safe and worth a try!

You and I might love the refreshing taste of mint, but one whiff of peppermint oil is enough to send pests running in the opposite direction. 

It’s as simple as saturating a cotton ball in peppermint oil, spread the oil around the area where you think the mice or ants are entering, and then leaving the cotton ball there to discourage them from coming in.

If you’d rather rehome your cheese-eating intruder instead of going full-on exterminator on it, try a catch and release mouse trap.

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These traps are a humane alternative to traditional mouse traps and rat poison. They won’t bring any harm to the rodent or any resident pets. Simply release the trapped rat outside, and then you’ll probably want to seal off the part of your home where they have been entering. 

If a thousand ants are marching into your house one by one, skip the ant poison and raid your pantry for spices that ants and known to hate.

Try pouring a line of cream of tartar along the cracks in your house where ants are coming in. They won’t cross it. Cinnamon, garlic, paprika, cloves, and mint are also known to keep ants away. 

Get that fruit fly invasion under control by making your own traps.

Fill a jar or wine bottle with apple cider vinegar. That attracts the flies. Then mix in some honey to make an extra sticky situation so that the flies can’t escape.