Mexico’s Drought Is So Severe That Thousands Of Cattle Are Dying Throughout The Country

August 20, 2021 By Diego Herrera

Let’s start by understanding droughts. Drought is understood to mean precipitation below the average for several months or years, this being a recurring phenomenon that can occur in any region of the country.

Water scarcity is common in some parts of the country, causing drastic changes due to the extreme heat attributed to climate change, according to data provided by the National Water Commission and scientists.

Currently, Mexico is going through a severe drought.

In Mexico, 1,295 municipalities are in a moderate to severe drought, while another 488 have recorded an abnormally dry situation (Report of the National Water Commission, Conagua).

Ranchers are one of the main victims of the drought. Without rain, farmers cannot plant foliage to feed their cows and must replace their diet with a protein supplement, which increases maintenance costs. Simultaneously, they have to walk more miles than usual to reach the streams where there is a little water left or transport them by truck.

With the dams almost empty, the costs increase, sometimes, cattle die of starvation and the most tragic scenario is that the ranchers prefer to kill them to reduce the cost of keeping them alive.

But… What can we do to help from home to prevent droughts and, consequently, the cattle from dying?

  • Have you ever thought of how many liters of water we use in the shower? It is estimated that when we shower we spend between 8 and 15 liters of water per minute, that is why we recommend you turn off the tap while you lather and do it quickly and consciously.
  • A leaking faucet can become a big problem. Do you know how much water it can waste in one day? Having a leaking tap for 24 hours means wasting more than 30 liters of water, which is equivalent to more than half the water that a person needs each day to cover their basic needs. Do not forget to check the faucets when leaving the house or when sleeping!
  • If you have to wash the car, do it at a car wash: although many people don’t know this, they are designed to use water responsibly. They use less water than when you wash your car at home with a hose.
  • If you have to bathe your pet, do it where the water is needed; for example, in your garden. This way, the water you use will serve two purposes.
  • Water your garden with rainwater. Rainwater is very good for plants, both indoors and outdoors, so collecting rainwater is an excellent option. Furthermore, rainwater penetrates deeper into the soil than drinking water and carries nutrients deep into the roots.

I invite you to join me in consciously thinking about what we are doing as individuals and society to take care of this extremely valuable resource because, even though we don’t have much time to change course, we can still do something.

Let’s try to give it the significance it has and the due gravity of what is happening in the world by creating sustainable actions that help combat droughts and protect what nature gives us everyday.