Meet The Queer Brown Vegan Who Is Making Environmental Education Accessible To Everyone

January 20, 2021 By Jessica Garcia

You know that one person who always likes to flaunt all of the knowledge they have about a certain topic and likes to make you feel dumb if you don’t have the same knowledge as them? Well, no one likes that person. 

Unfortunately, this is often the case when it comes to things like environmentalism, veganism, and sustainability. As great as it is to spread knowledge, when it’s done in a condescending way it turns people off. And the solution to this is accessibility, which is what Isaias Hernandez is helping out with. 

Also known as “Queer Brown Vegan”, Isaias Hernandez has been using the Internet to make environmental education as accessible as possible. After struggling with all of the complex terminology that comes with environmental education during his time in college, Hernandez made it his purpose to break down all of these terms in ways that made it simpler for other folks to learn.  

Hernandez wants to make sure people don’t feel ashamed for asking questions, which is why he poses the questions himself and shares the information he’s learned on social media.

Approaching sensitive issues like veganism and environmentalism – which, yes, some still consider sensitive – in this way makes it a whole lot easier for people to relate to. And if you want to change people’s minds, well you need to make it easy for them to relate. 

In addition to breaking down a ton of terminology, Hernandez also uses his platform to share everything from educational books you can read, to sustainable businesses you can shop at, and delicious vegan recipes you can try at home.

The biggest misconception Hernandez wants break down is that you must have attended college to know about environmentalism. He believes that everyone should have access to information that affects their day to day lives. 

Besides sharing important information and resources, Hernandez is also committed to exposing all of the flaws in environmentalism and veganism.

After posting this on TikTok, several people thanked Hernandez for speaking up on the issues that exist within white veganism. As a queer, Latinx, vegan environmentalist, Hernandez hopes he’s able to offer a safe space for everyone to learn and be heard. 

Best of all, Hernandez makes it a point to share information in a non-condescending manner. For him, it’s not about being the perfect environmentalist or the perfect vegan – it’s just about starting somewhere and simply trying your best.

To check out more of Queer Brown Vegan’s content, check out his Instagram account here or his TikTok account here. Also, let us know in the comments below if there are other environmentalists or vegans whose content you love