Jaden Smith And His Crusade For The Environment

February 18, 2021 By César Albarrán Torres

In a day and age in which some profit off their name alone (are you keeping up with the….?), Jaden Smith, the son of the ultrapower couple made up of Jada Pinket-Smith and Will Smith, is a few bars above. The American rapper, singer/songwriter, and actor has used his influence among young millennials to push an environmentalist agenda.

As if the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t enough, the world is experiencing extreme weather, from last year’s fires in Australia to 2021 freezing temperatures in Texas, so voices like Smith’s are increasingly important.

He’s got a key message: involve your parents, kiddos.


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The protagonist of films like The Pursuit of Happyness and The Karate Kid has said that the best way for young people to influence policy and decision-making that benefits the environment for young people is to get their parents involved.

Not everyone has the charisma and power of Greta Thunberg, so young people’s combativeness might not be enough. Many older decision-makers are stubborn and their perspective needs to change. Smith believes children are in a good position to achieve this. He has said, that ” “Eventually, parents will see things have to change.”  Smith has also shared that his own famous parents inspired him to be conscious about sustainability. And yes, Jaden can be very assertive in his views, but also cool. 

He puts words into actions with projects like Just Water.

Actions speak much louder than words, and Smith has founded a company that sells drinking water in boxes made of paper and plastics from natural resources. Besides being a profitable business, Just Water shows best practices in its supply of bottled drinking water. Their bottles represent a 74% reduction of carbon emissions compared to plastic bottles, and the liquid is sourced naturally rather than through purifying tap water (an energy-inefficient process). By the way, Jaden first had the idea for Just Water when he was a mere 10-years-old… talk about being precocious!

Smith knows he is an influencer, so he leads by example: his new thing, recyclable fashion.

Smith is well aware that the cameras follow him, so when he makes a move his voice is heard. He has partnered with the menswear market Grailed to sell his previously-loved clothes. He said about the partnership: “I appreciate Grailed’s perspective on fashion and their forward-thinking ability to not only make high fashion more accessible but also encourage people to shop in a truly sustainable way by purchasing recycled fashion.”

One of the biggest pollutants in the planet is the fast fashion industry, and efforts like Grailed certainly are a move in the right way towards sustainability.

Jaden’s words carry serious weight with his fans so it’s important that he chooses them carefully.

Smith certainly cares about the environment, but he has also been identified as an avid fan and sharer of conspiracy theories involving chemtrails and the Illuminati.

So that’s why this talk between him and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore (from 2019) is so interesting to watch. They discuss how climate and environmental issues can be communicated to young audiences via social media, which is a central issue to the young Smith and one that our planet’s future depends on.