I Downloaded The PerSus App And This Is What Happened

September 1, 2021 By Francisco Solís

I have a tornado in my head after using the PerSus app. How can I explain? It is a community concerned for the planet and, simultaneously, it is a mix between TikTok challenges and your score on Rappi where you can, in fact, find very convenient and simple ways to improve the world. Does that sound entertaining?

PerSus is a highly intuitive platform. You can share your everyday actions towards a more sustainable environment and participate in very interesting and productive challenges. After seeing that well-known people and celebrities are using it, I couldn’t be left behind. Let me tell you what you can do. This app is full of simple challenges that make a big difference.

This app is full of simple challenges that make a big difference.


There are really simple things, like the “Adopt, Don’t Buy” challenge, which is the first one I took. It’s something that I’ve already been doing for over 15 years, as the owner of 6 adopted cats (three of them are no longer with us ☹). All I had to do was take a photo of them and share it, that gave me 25 points. It’s like getting recognition for a good deed that you were already doing.

There are also challenges that help you go out of your comfort zone.


But it’s not just about patting yourself on the back to show that you are a good person. There are very interesting challenges related to social dynamics, such as the “Make A Friend” challenge, a challenge that I accepted, but have not completed. The next time I make a friend, I will upload a photo to get my points, this may even motivate me to make new friends.

Unlike other social media platforms, PerSus shows challenges that are productive and beneficial for all of us, not only users, but the planet itself. Small actions make a big difference. I wasn’t expecting an app to work as motivation towards small goals that encourage big changes. For example, I noticed that, in order to save the planet, it may be important to change my toothbrush to one made of bamboo (I also accepted this challenge and I am encouraged to fulfill it).


The PerSus app helped me notice that there are big and small actions I can do and establish in my daily routine.


It’s not only about recycling and separating the garbage, there are many actions you can do to have a better world, not only environmentally, but also for social justice. One of the challenges I found interesting, as it has an educational purpose, was “Watch Something on Netflix.” It’s that simple, it’s not about watching anything, it’s about watching a documentary about sustainability or social justice.

Being a social network, you can invite your friends to participate and see how they’re helping and celebrate small victories with them.


Furthermore, you can rate the practices of the establishments, stores and restaurants you visit to observe their practices regarding sustainability, this will eventually create PerSus certificates for those places, and you can exchange the points you have earned or earn special discounts.

It seems like PerSus is thinking big and the more people download the app, participate in the challenges, rate places and invite more people to participate, this community will grow and our small achievements will make a significant impact on the three pillars it has established: People, Planet and Prosperity.. Join PerSus now!