How Close Is Your City To Being A Smart City?

September 3, 2021 By Amaury Berdejo

When we think of a Smart City, futuristic or even fanciful images may come to mind where technology and modernity (which are not the same thing) have reached their climax and make life easier for their residents. After a brief moment of daydreaming and sighing in awe, the next thing that probably comes to mind is that the place where we live is very far from that.

The reality is that the concept of Smart Cities has been worked on for a few years all around the world and Mexico is no exception. Of course, each country faces different challenges in order to adapt technology to their everyday logistics and each city in our country has specific sizes, geography and needs.

What are the traits of a Smart City?

By definition, a Smart City is a population settled in a specific region in which mobility, security, government, health and other dimensions work guided by technology, always putting people at the center of development. From this we find that in Mexico there are two scenarios for the implementation of smart cities: large cities in need of corrective efforts and emerging urban areas that can aspire to preventive planning.

Mexico already has two examples of smart cities.

The case of Tequila in Jalisco is one of the most interesting, since this emblematic magical town has been adding implementations in its public spaces for several years, ranging from light sensors in the streetlights to optimize the use of electricity to the layout of new streets for a conscious and planned urbanism, even roads with smart traffic lights.

It is an example of a place that is gradually connecting various elements through measurements and technology to grow with those connections. In fact, the Inter-American Development Bank has officially classified Tequila as a “Smart Zone”.

Even chaotic Mexico City is developing smart technologies.


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Mexico City, on the other hand, has historically developed in a disorderly and exponential way, so although it has strong technological initiatives in its mobility and lighting system and even has a significant number of smart buildings, it requires several years of corrective treatment to achieve the goal of being a Smart City.

In perspective, it seems that our country’s great opportunity to enter the world of smart cities is found today in emerging cities, which not long ago were rural towns and that combined with investment, government policies and experts in the matter can result in new Smart Cities where, hand in hand with technological progress, there is social, environmental, and economic prosperity, the three pillars of sustainability.

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