Here’s What You Can Do To Get Delivery Or Takeaway Without Wrecking The Planet

January 21, 2021 By César Albarrán Torres

The world has changed dramatically in the past year, and so have our consumption habits. Getting takeaway or delivery was probably something you only did in those “Netflix and Chill” nights – we all need the fuel to… binge, right?

But now since we’re all spending so much more time at home, these once in a while treats have become part of our daily routines. We need to realize our wallets are not the only or most important thing suffering from all this ordering. Close your eyes and imagine the literal mountains of throw-away cutlery, bags and containers that you have produced over the years. This is not a guilt trip, but rather a chance to be more sustainable in your habits. 

The plastic container your pad thai came in will outlive you.

What you can do: reduce, reuse, recycle

The fountain of everlasting life is nastier than we imagined: plastic. It is just nuts how long the stuff takes to disappear. Think about it: your childhood toys still exist in a landfill somewhere!

When you get a plastic container with your order, just wash it and reuse it instead of throwing it away. You can use it to store food, makeup, spices… and your conscience will thank you. You can also reuse them for your next picnic date, but remember to social distance, though kissing your date is allowed. 

You think reusing a container is gross? Well, this TikTok hack will show you how to clean it thoroughly. 

Small businesses need your help and they produce less waste.

What you can do: think mom and pop shops rather than big wasteful corporations

Independent businesses are struggling now more than ever. Family joints tend to help each other and buy from local farmers and producers. Hence, less waste. Go for establishments that use recycled cardboard and materials, and those that use organic ingredients, as their production tends to be less wasteful. A win-win situation. 

You will be doing a happy dance, believe us. Just like her

You and your friends need your daily coffee fix.

What you can do: get sassy and fashionable and get a reusable coffee mug that matches your personality


Low-waste gifts for the coffee-lover: Percolator and a reusable mug #sustainabilitytiktok #coffeelovers #holidaygiftguide2020 #fyp

♬ original sound – Ash

Portable hot drink mugs are hip and help the planet. Just think about it: if you get two coffees or teas a day, you waste over 700 cups and (shame on us!) over 700 plastic lids.

Companies like KeepCup make some really sweet designs. And if your thing is some pop culture nostalgia, Frank Green has a super cute Disney range.

The problem with takeaway coffee is that it produces so much waste. You know the cardboard trays they hand you when you order drinks for the whole crew? Well, keep it and reuse it instead of throwing it away after using it for like 5 minutes.

Get a grip and avoid overordering (and overeating!)

What you can do: drink a big glass of water before ordering (you can thank us later)

It is an all too common scenario: you are hangry as hell and you order way too much food. You end up bloated, unhappy and keeping the leftovers in the fridge for a week before throwing them away along with their evil containers. Think twice next time you order and assess how hungry you really are, chances are it’s much less than you think.