Do These 5 Happiest Cities In America Have The Secret To Happiness?

March 21, 2021 By Jessie Stringfield

A report on the happiest cities for 2021 has just been released and the results are surprising. Four out of the five cities are found in just two states. Cities were evaluated based on mental and physical well-being, income and employment, and community and environment. 

If you’ve found yourself wondering what you can do to be happier then maybe take a closer look at these happy cities. What do they have that makes them happier than all of the rest? Whatever it is they must be doing something right!

Here are the top five happiest cities in the U.S. that could lend us a clue to the secrets of happiness.

Fremont, California

Freemont, California comes in at number one on the list of happiest cities in the United States. Out of 180 cities, Freemont ranked the highest in emotional and physical well-being. Freemont also has one of the lowest depression rates and divorce rates out of the 180 cities surveyed. So if you want to be as happy as the happiest people in the US, look on the sunny side of life and maintain strong, lasting relationships. 

Bismarck, North Dakota

At only a couple of points behind Freemont is Bismarck. This city ranks high for community and environment. With low divorce and crime rates, more leisure time, and plenty of outdoor space to enjoy, Bismarck residents have a lot to be happy about. If you’re looking for more happiness in your everyday life, do like the Bismarckians and make time to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

Fargo, North Dakota 

Unlike the gruesome town portrayed in the movie and TV series, Fargo is a great place to live and makes it into the top three with a high score in income and employment. People in Fargo owe their happiness to better sleep, participation in sports, and low depression rates. If you needed another excuse to hit snooze let’s say your happiness depends on it.

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison residents have short commute times, a low chance of unemployment, high job satisfaction, and a combined household earning of at least $75,000. Interestingly enough, studies have shown that after income passes $75,000 people aren’t any happier. So it seems money can buy happiness, but only to a certain extent.

San Jose, California

Last but not least is sunny San Jose. Ranking number two for emotional and physical well-being, San Jose residents have a high life expectancy, low food insecurity, and overall good mental health. The bright and sunny weather likely contributes to the sunny disposition of San Jose residents.