Shark Tank Products and Businesses That Have The Potential To Really Change The World

October 20, 2020 By Jessica Garcia

Amongst the several binge-worthy television shows to watch during this pandemic, reality TV series Shark Tank is one of them. Whether you just love watching people compete or are looking for some inspiration on starting your own business, Shark Tank will give you both. If you’re not already familiar with the show, Shark Tank is a series where different entrepreneurs compete against each other in presenting their ideas to potential investors. Think of it as American Idol, but instead of singers and judges, you have entrepreneurs and investors, or “the sharks” as people call them. 

Credit: ABC

What makes this show both entertaining and informative, is that while some of the products and businesses presented are totally ridiculous, others really have the potential to change the world. Just take a look for yourself… 

With more young folks spending time on their cellphones, tablets, and computers nowadays, 19-year-old Trisha Prabhu decided to create a software to help prevent cyberbullying. 

Credit: @dawnsvillageoasis | Instagram

Trisha Prabhu was only 14 years old when she developed the software now known as ReThink. After learning about a young girl who had committed suicide after being cyber bullied, Prabhu knew she had to do something to help. After lots of research and learning how to code, Prabhu created an anti-cyberbullying software called ReThink. This software was featured in Season 8 of Shark Tank, where you learn how ReThink helps prevent cyberbullying from happening. What ReThink does is scan words on your device as they’re being typed and alerts you if the language seems hurtful, asking if you’re sure you want to type those words. 

As mentioned in Shark Tank, “In an international study using ReThink, incidents of cyberbullying were reduced dramatically, and willingness to post an offensive message went from 71% to 4%.” Crazy, right?!  

In a world where so many adolescents spend their time on the internet, ReThink can make a huge impact.  Whether the software is installed in computers at schools, or in computers at home now that most students have taken on virtual education, ReThink can help stop cyberbullying or at least decrease it. 

To learn more about this amazing software, check out Pabhu’s Ted Talk video where she expresses her passion for ReThink. 

And to explore the ReThink software, download it here

Also on the mission to help improve people’s mental health is entrepreneur Yunha Kim. In Season 9 of Shark Tank she presented her app Simple Habit.

Credit: @yunhajkim | Instagram

Being constantly consumed by her busy work life, Kim began to notice that she had forgotten to take care of herself and her mental health. This is where her idea for Simple Habit came into play. She describes it as a meditation app for busy people, which is exactly what she needed for herself. 

Kim’s goal was to make meditation accessible to everyone, no matter how busy one’s lifestyle may be. 

Credit: @simplehabitapp | Instagram

Just as Kim learned throughout her hectic career, self care is important! Even if you only have three minutes a day, a little bit of meditation can help improve so many aspects of your life, such as bettering your sleep, decreasing stress, and improving creativity. 

Credit: @simplehabitapp | Instagram

To explore the app for yourself, download it here. 

With hopes of encouraging people to live a more sustainable lifestyle, co-founders Lindsay McCormick and Asher Hunt came up with Bite, an eco-friendly toothpaste that will blow your mind. 

Credit: @heylindsaymc | Instagram

Featured in Season 11 of Shark Tank, co-founder McCormick came up with the idea of Bite after noticing how many plastic toothpaste tubes she tosses away in-between her travels. Just imagine how many plastic toothpaste tubes end up in landfills and oceans every year. From the toothpaste tubes that people have at home, to all of the travel size toothpaste tubes that people purchase for trips, it all adds up. So McCormick took matters into her own hands and decided to sign up for a chemistry class. 

With the chemistry class that McCormick took, not only was she able to come up with a toothpaste that wasn’t stored in a plastic tube, but also a toothpaste that didn’t contain any harsh chemicals in the ingredients.

Credit: @heylindsaymc | Instagram

As mentioned on Shark Tank, “it’s not only the plastic (tube) —harmful chemicals remain in those tubes, things like sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, artificial dyes and preservatives.” 

After trial and error, McCormick was able to come up with a toothpaste with all natural, organic ingredients, now known as Bite. To learn more about the toothpaste, and possibly try it out yourself, purchase it here. Just think of how many less toothpaste tubes will end up in landfills and oceans if more people exchanged their usual toothpaste for Bite. 

And if you’re into the show because of the drama, you would probably be surprised to know that they turned down a deal with no other than Mark Cuban.

Also on the road to a more sustainable lifestyle are brothers Mohammed A. Mahdi and Mohammed A. Mahdi. And yes, they have the same name.  

Credit: @themadoptimist | Instagram

After lots of research and hard work, brothers Mohammed A. Mahdi and Mohammed M. Mahdi, along with their friend, Anthony Duncan, teamed up to create what is now known as The Mad Optimist. Featured in Season 11 of Shark Tank, The Mad Optimist consists of soap and bath products that are all natural. Throughout their research, this team of entrepreneurs discovered that most soap contains artificial ingredients. So, what was the solution? They decided to make their own soap in 2012. Now they have a whole business running where you can order all-natural soaps based on your skin type, whether that’s dry skin, oily skin, or neutral skin. 

What makes this brand of soap even better is that in addition to offering customers payments plans, every single team member of The Mad Optimist is paid the same wage. In addition, the company’s revenue is also made public on their website as a way to be totally transparent with customers. As highlighted on Shark Tank, “Their mission is to run a business that puts people and the planet first, instead of profit, and they are “eternally optimistic” that doing things in this way will spread to others and promote community, equality and care for the earth.” Isn’t that amazing?! 

Credit: @chefkaysijo | Instagram

If you’d like to check out the soaps for yourself to see what best fits your skin type, go to purchase here.

Overall, it’s safe to say that the world is lucky to have all of these caring and genuine entrepreneurs in the world of business. To check out more Shark Tank products that might interest you, go to their page here. And if you could create a product that could help the world in a positive way, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below.

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