Find Your Zen with These 3 YouTube Yoga Teachers

September 1, 2021 By César Albarrán Torres

The exercise known as yoga that originated in India and has been expanding worldwide since the 1960’s is a practice that not only helps exercise your muscles, strengthen your bones and joints and promote blood circulation, but also helps with mental health. Yoga helps us focus on ourselves and our body, control our breathing (taking 10 deep breaths when you’re angry is wise advice) and get in touch with your inner self.

In these times of radical changes, many people have found on YouTube a practically endless source of yoga routines that help us deal with uncertainty.

Yoga with Adriene

With a very calm vibe but without failing to speak about the changes we have all experienced, Adriene offers routines for all levels from her minimalist apartment. Adriane has become a celebrity. If you are looking for a relaxed but demanding session, this channel is for you. There are short sessions that are ideal for when you feel like working out but not for too long.

Malova Elena

Starting yoga practice may seem intimidating for some, but Malova Elena has the ability to relax you in her classes for beginners. Since 2011, her channel has gathered over three million followers. She has dozens of specialized videos divided by duration, body part and level of expertise. Her relaxing voice helps you isolate from the world and focus on yourself.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Jamie is a fun and zestful woman who adapts the plot of movies and classic storybooks to lead children through stories that combine physical activity and imagination. .Elsa and Anna, Skywalker, Goldilocks… they have all been at Cosmic Kids Yoga. And you will kill two birds with one stone… your children will have fun and learn a new word or two in English.

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