Farm Workers Day, What Can We Do To Support Our Fellow Citizens?

September 2, 2021 By Amaury Berdejo

On June 10th, the United States celebrates “Farm Workers Day,” the farm worker concept includes both agriculturists and breeders of animals for human consumption. Their work is as essential as that of health workers; without them, there’s no food. Our survival depends on farm workers. They produce fresh foods we so easily find at the supermarket.

We must recall that the history of farm work in the United States is closely related to Mexico, as most workers are immigrants from Mexico and Central America; the social fight for farm workers’ rights was and continues being, simultaneously, a fight for immigrant rights and was led by Mexican Americans.

What can we currently do to support farm workers in Mexico and the United States?

1. Have and promote good sources of information

Mass media is notably silent about the impact that the North American Free Trade Agreement has had on the binnational farm workers community. The connection between the increase of immigrants flowing from Mexico and NAFTA is rarely made. Inform your family members living in the United States about your discoveries.

2. Consciously choose where you shop

Buy fair trade products. Research the supermarket companies and franchises where you shop to verify that their practices provide a sustainable livelihood for farmers, while protecting the forest habitat and fauna of their crops.

3. Donate or promote donations to farmer associations

There are a large number of civil organizations and associations that seek to improve the working conditions of farmers and fight to dignify their work. Here are a few options:

4. Reduce the consumption of junk food

Junk food chains thrive on the unfair treatment of food producers and their own workers. In addition, many of them do not certify the dignified treatment of the animals and the origin of their supplies. Avoid consuming it and opt for healthier alternatives for you and the environment.

5. Download the PerSus app

From your phone, with the PerSus app you can learn and share a variety of ways to have a sustainable lifestyle. It provides you with information about businesses and companies that observe strict production regulations and promote a circular and sustainable economy, in addition to being a social network where you can earn points that will later turn into discounts and promotions at certified shops.