Eat, Buy, Do, Repeat: Guide To Sustainable Activities In CDMX

August 30, 2021 By Lino Montalvo

Mexico City is slowly returning to normal and both residents and tourists are again searching for options to enjoy this beautiful city.

As we all know, this return to normalcy also means the return of excess cars, noise and pollution. Although we can help fight city pollution from home with simple actions (here we tell you how), another great way to help without sacrificing enjoying life in the city is by supporting restaurants, shops and activities that do not affect the environment or residents. So, here you can find a brief guide on how to enjoy the city in a sustainable manner.

Places for guilt-free eating.

Sud 777

In this place you can find, in addition to wonderful gastronomic quality, great environmental responsibility. Much of their ingredients are grown in their own garden, and those that are not, are produced locally, they use their waste as compost, have their own water treatment plant and use minimal plastic.

Pan Comido

Here not only the packaging, containers and even chemicals they use are biodegradable, but much of their decoration is also recycled, as it was built from spare parts from other sites. They also have a strict recycling and waste separation policy.

Lonchería Peltre

As the name implies, this place uses graniteware and glass instead of plastic, as well as biodegradable and recyclable packaging. Their daily coffee waste is turned into compost or fertilizer to grow plants.

For responsible shopping.


In this store you will find, as the name implies, a great assortment of ecological products for personal care, from soaps and lotions to accessories, such as brushes, menstrual cups, etc.

Zero Market

As per the zero waste philosophy, Zero Market offers us foods, beauty products, home and fashion accessories locally and responsibly produced entirely free of plastic packaging and chemicals.

Someone Somewhere

This clothing brand provides us with everyday designs with details made by artisans from Puebla, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Mexico State, and Chiapas, all under the fair trade philosophy, preserving traditional techniques, while fostering artisans and their local economy.

Environmentally friendly activities.

Paseo Dominical

Every Sunday, the most famous avenue of CDMX is closed to vehicles in order to allow people to invade the street by biking, skating or jogging, an excellent choice to exercise in the city and feel the city’s energy.

Hiking at the Dinamos

This natural park offers a huge forest where you can go hiking to disconnect for a few (or a lot) of hours from the city, where your only concern is enjoying the fresh air and nature.

Picnic at Chapultepec

If your thing is combining nature’s beauty without traveling too far from the city, a picnic at Chapultepec forest is the perfect choice for you. With different options throughout the year; from museums, exhibits, films, tours through the lake, etc.,the Chapultepec forest is the perfect destination to disconnect for a while at one of the most iconic sites in CDMX.

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