12 Hacks To Being The Best Plant Parent Ever

October 9, 2020 By Jessica Garcia

As a way to cope with the current pandemic, some folks are picking up the hobby of collecting various house plants. In addition to adding a beautiful touch of green to your home, taking care of plants is also very therapeutic for many people and a great form of self care.

 So to help you be the best plant parent ever, here are some quick and easy TikTok video hacks that will help keep your plants alive and thriving. 

One of the most common mistakes in taking care of houseplants is over-watering. Here’s a quick fix: 

With these self-watering pots, your plants will only absorb the water they need. You can purchase your own here. 

More specifically, there’s also a hack for not over-watering your succulents.


I like to bottom water succulents b/c it’s so easy to overwater them. Do y’all like this method? 💦 #planthacks #planttips #plantlover #alwayslearning

♬ and i was like – idk

This bottom watering method almost serves as a charging station for your succulents. Not only will they only absorb the water they need, there will be less gnats too. You’ll want to repeat this method every two to three weeks and you can find the watering tray at one of your local plant nurseries. 

Another common mistake is misting your plants with big drops of water. 

As recommended in the video, a solution to this would be purchasing a humidifier or a diffuser without the oils. Also, do your research! There are some plants that don’t need any extra misting at all. 

If you ever run into the problem of your pots not having holes for drainage, there’s a hack for that too. 

Not only will this easy hack give your plant enough room to drain out excess water, it will also help prevent the soil and roots from rotting. 

Another way to prevent root rot is by following these simple steps: 

Before following the steps shown above, it’s important to do a little research on your plant first. An important note to keep in mind is that some plants naturally have orange roots, while others don’t. 

And of course, the type of soil you pot your plants in has a big effect on the health of your plants as well. 

Do your research on different soils and find out which best fits your plant’s needs. 

In addition to root rot, other problems your plants can possibly run into is pests and fungus. 

As shown in the video above, simple ingredients like cinnamon and garlic can help keep your plant healthy. And remember that when you start to see damage on any leaves, cut off the dead ends so that they don’t take away the nutrients from the rest of the plant. 

With plant problems like pests and fungus, also comes gnats. Luckily, there’s a hack for that too.  

Another alternative to getting rid of gnats is mixing a little bit of hydrogen peroxide with water and spraying it over the soil of your plants. 

Another way to prevent gnats is by wiping clean the leaves of your plants as often as you water them.

If you don’t have the soap mentioned in the video, diluted dish soap works as an alternative as well. 

Just when you think you’ve killed your plants because you forgot to water them, try this hack first before you consider it a lost cause. 

For extra care, do a little bit of research on your plant to find out whether it does better in direct or indirect sunlight. 

If you’re looking to give your plants some extra vitamins and promote their growth, check out this hack: 

Now instead of tossing away your banana peels, save them in a cup with water to feed to your plants later. 

Lastly, grow more plants out of the ones you already have! This hack will show you how to do it with a succulent. 

There’s nothing more beautiful and satisfying than the process of propagation. It’s almost like you’re creating an entire plant family of your own. Not to mention, now you won’t have to go out and purchase more of the same plants. 

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