4 TikTok Tricks To Help You Upcycle Your Furniture

March 25, 2021 By Lino Montalvo

Finding new hobbies is always fun. The excitement of trying a new thing, the disappointment of messing it up (maybe a couple of times) and the great pride of the final success. Learning a new skill that you enjoy is a great process, not only for recreational purposes but also for your mental health.

Research has shown that people with hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood and depression, and that group activities are great for improving your communication skills and the way you relate to others.

Since group activities might have to wait a little to have their comeback, one hobbie has become more and more popular not only because it is fun, sustainable and budget friendly but because it is actually useful during these times when we are spending so much time inside our homes: DIYing furniture. And of course TikTokers are teaching us how to do it.

Trash to treasure.

The title says it all, somebody’s trash is somebody else’s treasure. You can save that old piece of furniture and making it completely personal by painting it in a fabulous color, getting some amazing new knobs, and if you are feeling artsy you can get some stencils or even hand paint it.

You will not only reduce your environmental impact and stop your furniture from becoming part of the 12.2 millions tons of wood that are thrown to landfills each year, but you will also have a lot of fun.

From your closet to your dining room.

We all love thrifting furniture since you can always find beautiful gems that can make your home a little more special, but let’s face it, many of these gems can use a little polish. Thankfully, there’s a trick for that!

If you find (or already have) a piece of furniture that can use a fabric replacement, you just have to remember that there is always a piece of fabric that we love, it can be old clothing or curtains, and that is enough to give that furniture a second life by reupholstering them with that. Two ways of being sustainable in one project.

The coolest way to recycle.

If you are looking for a more unique look. Why not covering  your furniture with things you love instead of just paint? You can use anything you like for this DIY, from magazines to plastic, stones, toys, the list just goes on and on. What makes this  furniture flip so amazing is the fact that things that would normally go to the garbage after a while now can be used into a very special and personal piece that no one else  will ever have. And of course, your home  will look really cool.

Making your thrifts look expensive.

We all know this story. You see an amazing piece of furniture. You fall in love with that piece. You see the price. Your heart breaks a little. But guess what, the story doesn’t have to end like that. This might not be the easiest of DIY’s but will save you some money and will save the planet some trees. You can thrift another piece with similar proportions and with some wood filler, paint and imagination you can get your own version (sometimes even better than the original) of your expensive first love.