What Does Carbon-Neutral Beauty Mean – And Does It Make A Difference?

September 23, 2021 By Justin Lessner

You’ve probably seen “clean,” “green,” and every other exceptionally vague phrase splashed across dozens of jars and vials of beauty products. Chances are you may already have a few of these products in your own beauty stash. However, carbon neutral beauty is one phrase that still has many consumers scratching their heads.

Of course, it’s a ‘beautiful’ thing that the things we use to make us feel prettier are ever-more eco-friendly. Thanks to the abundance of zero waste, organic, and now ‘carbon neutral’ beauty brands, we’re miles away from those nasty chemical creams that came wrapped in huge amounts of unnecessary plastics.

But what exactly are carbon neutral beauty brands?


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You may already know, everything that we make, buy and sell leaves a carbon trail. But when you encounter a carbon neutral beauty brand, its sorcery is zero net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But how can we be sure a brand is carbon neutral?

Well, Climate Neutral is a non-profit organization working to reduce global carbon emissions. They certify brands as being carbon neutral after measuring their current carbon footprint and then advising on how they can offset it to zero.

If they can’t offset it through, say, planting carbon sinks or using only solar energy for production, brands will usually then have to purchase carbon credits instead to reach carbon neutrality.

Having carbon neutral beauty brands that are certified by organizations such as Climate Neutral makes the decision-making process much easier for those of us who care about the planet. When we buy carbon neutral beauty brands, we truly can make a difference!

So which carbon neutral beauty brands make it into our favorites list?


When it comes to carbon neutral beauty brands, we’re kicking things off with one of our faves! This vegan and sustainable skincare brand – founded by a mother and daughter duo – mixes their expertise with natural chemistry. OSEA produces a range of skincare that is potent and enriched with powerful bioavailable minerals and nutrients that are readily absorbed and intended to nourish and rejuvenate skin cells.

Plant People

With a name like Plant People, it’s no surprise that this brand really cares for the planet. So much so, they plant a tree for every single product sold. To date, the mushroom, CBD and herb based beauty brand has planted over 150,000 trees, and are committed to restoring natural environments.


This year, WA:IT became the first European beauty brand to attain carbon-negative status. The pioneering beauty brand unites two cultures – Italian and Japanese – through its holistic approach to skincare. In the pursuit of uniting and balancing an individual’s inner well-being as well as their outer beauty, the clean beauty brand is highlighting how attentive the beauty industry can be to the environment we live in.

You can get the 411 on all the best carbon neutral beauty brands – and many other tips for a sustainable skin care routine – by downloading the PerSus app which is full of helpful tips.