Buy Local: Your Neighborhood and The Planet Will Thank You

September 2, 2021 By Francisco Solís

I am sure you have heard about the benefits of consuming local, that is, purchasing goods and services from people and businesses that belong to your community. Today we will speak about the reasons why this habit is so “healthy” and increasingly necessary.

You help one or more families to stay afloat.

The first benefit is very clear: financial aid for families who have decided to start a business. With this income, a local business can grow and diversify, consolidating and at the same time maintaining the quality of its products, so it can generate direct or indirect jobs, raising the quality of life in that immediate environment.

This is not something to be taken lightly, as on a macro level, you are helping a better distribution of wealth, since large companies have enough infrastructure to offer products and services on a large scale and even continue operating during a crisis, while for small stores and businesses that are close to your home, this income is crucial to their sustenance and continuous growth.

You acquire a “unique product”

A piece of furniture or a garment made in your area is made on a small scale and its quality and finish are usually better than other products sold by department stores. Those who design, build and sell these products are likely to be true masters of their craft and can even tailor their products to your specifications for a price similar to or even better than a mass production company.

You reduce carbon emissions

Acquiring local products reduces the number of intermediaries and, therefore, the amount of miles those goods have traveled to reach your hands. This, in addition to ensuring freshness (in the case of foods), can clearly be counted as a lower use of fossil fuel, which has a direct impact on the carbon emissions created.

A second route through which carbon is reduced is the lower amount of packaging for transportation, as you can find products in bulk, choose to your liking and transport in your own bag without creating plastic or other types of waste.

You strengthen the social fabric

Another non-economic consequence of encouraging local consumption is to increase cohesion within a community, creating long-term social relationships with people in our surroundings, since we not only buy products but can also make friends, get to know our neighbors, and get involved with the members of our neighborhoods and states, thus generating trust and sharing a common history.

You strengthen the national economy

Did you know that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) represent 90% of all companies in Mexico? Not only that, but they also generate between 60% and 70% of the jobs in our country. Based on this statement, every time you consume locally, you strengthen the GDP and with it the national currency, that is, the Mexican peso becomes stronger.

As you see, it’s not about abandoning the products you love and are used to buying. In fact, the amount of products we can now access through technology and communications is amazing.

Simply make a balance between your needs and tastes, reflect on how many miles a product must travel to reach you or if it’s actually worth waiting in long lines at a warehouse when you can actually find products and services of equal or better quality created, manufactured or grown by local producers.

Do you want to know more ways to support your local community? Download the PerSus app today to help your local corner store or designer and create a stronger community.