7 Black-Owned Pet Brands That Have Some Of The Cutest and Unique Pet Products

February 2, 2021 By Jessica Garcia

If you have a dog or cat of your own, then you’re familiar with that amazing, pure, and irreplaceable feeling of unconditional love. It’s one of the best feelings in the world, and if there’s anything you can do to thank them it’s showering them with love, attention, and lots of treats. 

Whether you want to spoil your pets with all-natural treats, fun toys, or fly outfits, here are seven Black-owned pet brands you can start online shopping from. 

Sir Dogwood

Credit: sirdogwood / Instagram

Founded in 2016, Sir Dogwood has all of the modern dog wear and accessories for your fur baby. The best part is that a portion of their monthly sales are donated to the nonprofit organization One Tail At A Time, which aims to end pet homelessness in Chicago. To shop, go here

Bark’s First Avenue 

Credit: barksfirstavenue / Instagram

Founder and CEO, Deana Evans, was inspired to create Bark’s First Avenue from personal experiences with her own dogs. Having three pitbulls and a toy poodle, Evans realized that it was easy for her to find cute outfits for her toy poodle, but not for her larger pitbulls. So her goal became to create a clothing brand that included a wide array of sizes for all dogs. To shop, go here

House Dogge

Credit: housedogge / Instagram

Owner and designer, Angela Medlin, went from making personalized toys for her own dog, Wubbi, to then creating her business House Dogge. Her goal is to make dog toys and accessories with natural and sustainable materials that are nontoxic. And every time you make a purchase, a percentage of that is donated to nonprofit organizations that help dogs who are homeless, unwanted, neglected, or abused. To make a purchase, go here

Enjoy a Bowl 

Created by veterinarian Joe J. Owens, Enjoy a Bowl is made to help increase pets’ appetites who might be picky eaters or have underlying health issues. To purchase, go here

Ava’s Pet Palace

Credit: avaspetpalace / Instagram

Here is 13-year-old founder Ava Dorsey. Stemming from a huge love for animals, Dorsey asked for her parent’s permission to start a pet company of her own. This led to what’s now known as Ava’s Pet Palace, which has a variety of organic treats for your pets that you can choose from. To check out these tasty treats, go here

Simply Sage

Credit: simplysagedogtreats / Instagram

Inspired by personal experiences with her own dog, store owner, Chloe, decided to create Simply Sage. Allergies and sensitive skin is something a lot of dogs suffer from, including Chloe’s dog, Sage. To shop for paw balms, skin balms, or itch relief shampoo bars, go here

What other Black-owned pet brands do you love?