These Truly Bizarre Facts About Climate Change Are Real And Will Make You Act Now

March 23, 2021 By César Albarrán Torres

“Climate change” and “global warming” are perhaps two of the most contested and discussed terms in the media, in political discourse and in society at large today.

In short, climate change is the documented and verifiable scientific variation in temperature, rainfall or wind patterns across a long period of time. The Climate Council in Australia states that “Climate is different from weather. When we talk about the Earth’s climate, we are referring to the average weather conditions over a period of 30 years or longer. Weather, on the other hand, refers to what you see and feel outside from day to day.”

The impact of climate change due to what scientist believe is the man-made warming of the planet is enormous, and promises to be catastrophic in the decades to come. Did you know that…

Climate change is changing migratory patterns in certain species… including us humans.

All species need shelter, water and food to survive. Because of the 1.1°C that the Earth’s climate has changed in a little over a hundred years, droughts, floods and melting ice are more common and more severe than ever.

Species that migrate annually have changed routes, while more sedentary ones will take years to move into new, more hospitable habitats. Either that, or they will perish. Humans are among these species: climate change has created a new category of refugee, the climate refugee, who escapes famine triggered by changing conditions. 

The Earth’s temperature has risen about 1.1°C since the start of the Industrial Revolution. Spoiler alert: that is a lot.

Naysayers believe this isn’t much, but they are wrong: it represents a massive amount of heat and energy, the equivalent of four Hiroshima-size nuclear bomb detonations per second. Yes, really. Concerned yet? 

Carbon dioxide levels have increased by more than 45% since the Industrial Revolution. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Scientists believe that climate change is produced by the increased emission of greenhouse gases, which increase the amount of heat trapped inside the Earth’s atmosphere. Because of the indiscriminate harvesting and use of fuels such as coal and oil, more gases such as carbon dioxide are produced, which turn our planet into a giant pressure cooker.