Because “Reusable” Is The New Black: Sustainable Products You Can Get On Amazon

January 28, 2021 By César Albarrán Torres

New Year’s resolutions come and go, right? Just imagine all the unused gym memberships and Zoom fitness classes that the first few months of 2021 will see. But we are here with an offer you can’t refuse: commit to buy reusable products. We all love shopping, so why not spend some money to save some money in the long run, and also help tackle the environmental crisis facing us today. 

Because your fridge has a right to look cute…
HONEYALLEY Reusable Beewax Food Wrap, $18 USD

Use them instead of: nasty Cling-wrap

Credit: Amazon

Plastic film is one of the most wasteful inventions ever! Tupperware lids just disappear into thin air all the time, and so we cover food containers with plastic that takes ages to disintegrate once it reaches landfill. This alternative is eco-friendly and damn cute. You can also wrap fruit and vegetables, sandwiches, and basically anything that can go in the fridge. 

Because seriously your face deserves it!
Charcoal Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads With Laundry Bag, $12 USD for 12 

Use them instead of: disposable cotton pads

Credit: Amazon

Say you started wearing makeup in your teens. By the time you are an old person, you will have used thousands of cotton pads! There is literally no reason why you couldn’t just use reusable ones. These come with a laundry bag so you can wash them over and over again. 

Because how many chopsticks can a human waste in a lifetime? Zeroway 5 Pairs Reusable Fiberglass Chopsticks, $6 USD for 5 pairs

Use it instead of: single-use wooden chopsticks

Credit: Amazon

Every single time you order or cook Asian food you use disposable chopsticks that waste wood and paper! Think about all those poor trees that are being chopped down. Having your own chopsticks is a tradition in countries like Japan, and we might very well adopt it. This option is dishwasher safe, and made of very light and durable fiberglass. Campai! 

Because we are legit obsessed with paper towels! Bamboo Reusable Paper Towels, $13 USD for 2 rolls

Use it instead of: paper towels that you use and toss

Credit: Amazon

Modern society is obsessed with paper towels. Is there a little spill in the kitchen? Go ahead and murder some trees! These bamboo towels can be useful in the kitchen or as a facecloth. Americans spend a whopping $5.7 billion USD a year on paper towels… that is a lot for a non-essential commodity. Like, seriously guys, we all look like this:

Because baking is fun but also wasteful.
Reusable Silicone Baking Cups, $8 USD for a pack of 12

Use it instead of: paper cupcake cups that you toss away once your craving is satisfied

Credit: Amazon

Paper baking cups are the absolute worst. They are wasteful and they stick to cupcakes and we all end up eating a bit of paper. This silicone alternative is reusable, dishwasher safe and extra cute.