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Move your Sustainability forward.

We created PerSus because the world in 2020 has changed. The sustainability of humanity and our planet are threatened. Action is existential.

The reality is, our generation can’t wait. Each of us must do our part. We must own our personal sustainability .

This year, a small group of us became obsessed with a simple idea: You can’t improve sustainability if you can’t measure it for yourself.

We decided to start a company to create a simple, beautiful and fun way to do just that. If you give us a few minutes each day, we promise to help you measure and make your life more sustainable. To understand and better your relationship with people, the planet and prosperity. To feel the joy of living a sustainable life.

This is why we wake up every day fired up. We don’t have all the answers, but like you, we are working each day to improve. We work so each day you arrive curious and leave inspired.

We believe each person makes a difference, and actions are louder than words.

PerSus is built for everyone. We are all in this together.

We are thankful to have you here.

The PerSus Team

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Marcos Constandse Redko CEO

“Sustainability depends on people. For the first time, PerSus enables everyone to measure and connect with their own sustainability. Because we can’t change what we can’t measure. ”

Marcos Constandse Redko Chairman and Founder


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