7 Netflix Shows That Will Either Disgust You, Inspire You, Or Both

November 24, 2020 By Jessica Garcia

With several places being closed during the current COVID-19 pandemic, some people are using their spare time as an opportunity to explore new tasks and hobbies they never had time for before. Others are using their down-time to relax and binge watch Netflix series, which is another great alternative. If you’re looking for more Netflix recommendations to add to your list, here are a few that will not only do the job on keeping you entertained, but will also teach you a thing or two about our planet earth. 

If you’re looking for something short, simple, yet informative, the series Explained is for you. 

Season one and two of this series by American news website, Vox, gives you quick breakdowns of topics ranging from beauty and astrology, to issues such as climate change and global warming.  In season two episode, “The Future of Meat”, you get a quick glimpse into how the meat industry has become increasingly unsustainable. Food psychologists share their thoughts on what they see the future for meat lovers looking like. Curious to hear their ideas? Check out the series on Netflix here

For an even deeper dive into the meat industry, you’ll have to watch Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

If you’ve ever wondered what the leading cause of global warming, water depletion, and deforestation is, this investigative documentary will give you all of the tea. Executive produced by actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio, Cowspiracy informs you about the effects of factory farming and why this issue has been ignored by many environmental groups. To watch this thrilling documentary, go here

What makes the meat industry such a huge business is all the money that’s involved. Docuseries Rotten explains why this is a problem.  

Curious to learn about the possible fraud happening in several food industries? Check out the series here

If you’re someone who loves the ocean, adventure documentary A Plastic Ocean will definitely give you a new perspective on how harmful pollution can be.  

As sad as it is to look at, this documentary gives you an honest picture of the harmful effect plastic waste has on the ocean. For the full documentary, go here

As heartbreaking as all these documentaries might be, there’s also hope that communities as a whole can turn things around for the better. You see this in the documentary film Kiss the Ground.

To learn about ways to reverse global warming, watch the inspiring documentary here. 

For further inspiration on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, you’ll have to check out Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things.

“You’re not going to get happier by consuming more” is the mantra of this stimulating documentary. To see what they mean by this, go to watch the full documentary here

For everyone who enjoys beautiful nature cinematography, Our Planet must be added to your Netflix queue.  

Filmed in over 50 countries, Our Planet gives you a detailed picture of how beautiful mother earth really is. Natural historian and Emmy-winning narrator, Sir David Attenborough, not only describes the beauty of planet earth, but also explains how climate change negatively impacts several of the species that are shown in the documentary. To watch the docuseries, go here. 

Now you can lay back to binge watch Netflix shows and learn a few things about sustainability at the same time. Double win. 

Let us know which of these Netflix shows and documentaries you enjoy the most. And if you have any other recommendations, drop them in the comments!