7 Mexican Dishes Made With Jackfruit!

September 1, 2021 By Amaury Berdejo

Today in our vegan menu we have one of the essential ingredients for your kitchen collection: jackfruit. Jackfruit is a huge tropical fruit that has been highly used in Asian and Indian cuisine for centuries, it is green on the outside and yellow on the inside.

The list of nutritional benefits may seem hard to believe: it contains proteins, vitamins B1, carbohydrates, iron, niacin, ascorbic acid and folic acid, plus properties that ward off asthma and diarrhea. Furthermore, it is also known as one of the best natural aphrodisiacs.

Here we share 7 recipes to include jackfruit in our Mexican diet and mix with many of its flavors and varieties to take advantage of all those benefits.

1: Jackfruit Tinga

Is it as good as it sounds? NO… IT’S BETTER. Combining the best of both worlds, you can use it in a variety of typical Mexican dishes but with a vegan approach to turn it into something delicious. Prepare some tinga tacos to become the guest everyone looks forward to seeing at any gathering. Hereis the recipe.

2: Jackfruit Salpicón

For lovers of that shredded texture and the freshness so characteristic of the salpicón, this recipe is essential. Although salpicón is a dish of French origin, over the years it has been fully incorporated into our beloved Mexico’s diversity, and it now evolves to expand your vegan repertoire.

3: Nayarit Jackfruit Tacos

Nayarit is one of the states of Mexico that vastly masters jackfruit as an ingredient in some of its dishes. So, cooking their traditional tacos made with jackfruit seasoned with paprika, cilantro, cinnamon and a dash of onion-garlic is a delicious challenge you must try. See the steps here!

4: Jackfruit Hamburger with Guacamole

Although hamburgers are not typically Mexican, they are widely present in our everyday life, so the vegan option made with jackfruit and the magic touch only guacamole can provide jump into action in this interesting and delicious recipe.

5: Jackfruit Soup with Carrots and Apples

Because we also like warm foods, we share a simple recipe to create jackfruit soup. It has such a versatile flavor, that it perfectly combines with fruits and vegetables to prepare this dish.

6: Jackfruit Pibil Sopes

My mouth is watering just from reading the title. A legendary and typical recipe of Mexican cuisine in a vegan version that takes full advantage of this fruit’s versatility with a simply exquisite result.

7: Jackfruit Chilorio

One of Sonora’s iconic recipes presented in this vegan, zero oil and gluten-free option. A real win-win in flavor and health benefits.

Now you have 7 new cards under your sleeve to surprise your guests with these incredible recipes! Discover more delicious options that are good for you and the planet, download the PerSus app today.