5 Plant TikTokers That Will Help You Save Your Plants

January 19, 2021 By Danielli Marzouca

It’s no secret that living with indoor plants reduces stress, which reduces the harmful cortisol levels in our blood, which can lead to healthier, happier lives. Research points out that even the act of touching plants can boost our immune system.

If you’re reading this, you evolved from tree-dwelling apes. Our connection to plants goes back millions of years. 

So, basically, plants are the companion that pretty much all of us need right now.

Today, we’re getting our best plant hacks and meditative guidance from TikTokers from around the world who share their little slice of plant heaven daily. Behold:

1. Marcus Bridgewater (@gardenmarcus) is translating life’s lessons from his very own plants to your TikTok-listening ears.


I realized my Canna Bulbs & Elephant Ears had to be separated 🌱 #ProveWhatsPossible #ActingChallenge #wholesomecontent

♬ original sound – Garden Marcus

Any video from @gardenmarcus is pure serotonin. Whether he’s introducing you to his garden lizards or guiding you through your very first propagation, you’ll likely feel a little calmer after hearing his ASMR-like voice. 

2. Meanwhile, botanist Shii Kaina (@amongthejungle) will translate electromagnetic pulses moving from roots to shoots of plants into *music*.

Kaina helps us all reconnect to plants in their truest state. While she gives plant care tips like any other good PlantToker, she also shows us what most common houseplants look like in the wild. Follow to hear how your favorite houseplants are singing beyond our human ability to hear. 

3. @MTPlanters is the queen of plant experiments. While this seems a little Frankenstein-y, grafting cacti is a fairly common practice!

Did you know that these wildly popular cacti don’t naturally grow like this?! Who else thought moon cacti were just further proof that the earth is as magical and ethereal as we think alien life to be? You’re still right.

4. If you need some extra wonder and awe in your life, @boxlapse will make you appreciate life like nothing else.

The fact that a video of a bell pepper plant growing from seed received 62 million views is just more proof that we humans have a biological need to be around plant growth. Embrace it.

5. Yes. You can grow your own loofahs—something we only discovered thanks to @epicgardening.

G bless The Internet for connecting us all in order to better connect with our plants.