5 Eco-Friendly Beers To Cheer Without A Moral Hangover

August 24, 2021 By César Albarrán Torres

If there is an alcoholic beverage omnipresent in the national territory, it is undoubtedly the blessed beer. Mexicans consume an average of 1.3 liters of beer per week, which places us in 30th place worldwide.

To keep up with the demand, there are currently 128 producers in the country, from big conglomerates such as Grupo Modelo to small houses of craft beverages.

One of the most encouraging trends in the industry is moving towards a more sustainable production. These seven brands are making efforts to make consumption more responsible, at least regarding sustainability.

Plastic-free six packs are the future of Corona

One of the common suspects in the damage that the beer industry has done to the environment is six packs made from plastic, which are the perfect shape for strangling birds and other animals. That’s why Corona will launch biodegradable six packs made with biodegradable fibers.

The Cerveza Charro eco-friendly initiative

This artisan pilsner has received international awards as one of the best beers in the world, but it is also moving towards a more sustainable production. For this, the company installed solar panels in its production plant which, as published by Cerveceros de México association, “will help it save over 209,000 kW/h per year, more than 194,337 lbs of CO2, and around 158,503 gallons of water. The equivalent of saving the consumption of 318 households and planting more than 3,526 trees.” The investment will not only be profitable for them, but it will also allow them to increase their production without harming the environment.

Heineken cheers for a better world

Beer is a product that needs a good amount of agricultural resources and water for its mass production. At its plants in Mexico, the production of the very classic Heineken follows the standards of the Brindando por un Mundo Mejor program. This translates into drip irrigation in their plantations, which reduces water consumption by 55% since the vital liquid goes directly to the roots of the barley. Furthermore, they use drones to monitor the use of fertilizers and only use the necessary amount, without excessive spillage.

A very chilled and eco-friendly Colimita

La Cervecería de Colima is a success story in the Mexican industry. It is a 100% independent company that has created craft beers that are already classics, such as Colimita lager. Together with other organizations, in 2019 they launched the program “Fire Volcano, Water Mountain”, with which they support the cultivation of sustainable plantations and the reforestation of the Colima Volcano, an icon of the region. They are also very active in social networks and have launched challenges such as #RestauradoresDeLaTierra, where they invited people to share photos with actions that benefit nature, with prizes such as a large amount of beers. Help and have fun, what more could you ask for.

Japanese harmony in a bottle of Sapporo

If you are having lots of sushi or warm and spicy ramen, there is nothing better than a cold Sapporo. This legendary Japanese beer adopts a sustainability philosophy that translates into support for local communities where their supplies are grown, combating global warming by reducing their carbon footprint, reducing the size and amount of packaging, and increasing the use of recycled and recyclable materials.

If you want to know about other companies that are making changes in favor of the environment, and improve your personal sustainability, download the PerSus app.