5 Apps To learn Indigenous Languages Spoken In Mexico

September 1, 2021 By César Albarrán Torres

Although there are very many indigenous languages in Mexico, indigenous languages continue to be subjugated by Spanish. The colonial past permeates all spheres of Mexican culture and society, and people who identify as indigenous are often linguistically isolated.

However, there are initiatives that unite technology with tradition and use apps to expand knowledge about indigenous languages. Get to know them.


This website allows you to translate from Spanish to Otomí, a language spoken in states such as Querétaro, Hidalgo, Puebla and Tlaxcala, and belongs to the same family as Chichimeca Jonaz, Mazahua, Pame, Ocuilteco, and Matlatzinca. This site is an initiative of the Elotl Community, a community of specialists and academics that is dedicated to the preservation and study of the original languages of Mexico. They have other projects that cover the main indigenous languages of the country.


Another initiative of Elotl, who for their tools have the help of researchers and doctoral students in areas such as indigenous languages and cultures. By the way, if you want to collaborate and help preserve the native languages of your country, Elotl needs not only translation specialists, but also programmers and experts in other areas. Here they tell you how it helps.


Developed by NestSoft, Mixtecapp teaches basic pronunciation and writing for the Mixteco variant used in the municipality of Chigmecatitlán, Puebla. Mixteco is a very musical language, and the words included in the app cover the animal and vegetable worlds, some foods and verbs. Mixteco is spoken by nearly half a million people in 1,235 locations, which makes it one of the best rooted indigenous languages in contemporary Mexico.

Let’s learn Náhuatl

This app is produced by the Spain Cultural Center in Mexico and encourages learning words and phrases in the Nahuatl variant spoken in Acatlán, a town in Guerrero. Among the things you can learn and are useful for other forms of Nahuatl are greetings, numbers, certain verbs, fauna, anatomy and types of foods. The app also teaches about the Nahua cosmovision, which still permeates the beliefs and traditions of millions of Mexicans.


This is an incredible project product of the ingenuity and social vocation of students of the Autonomous University of Chapingo. With this app that is available on Android and the Huawei platform, it seeks to preserve 68 native cultures through reading, teaching words in indigenous languages and appreciation of the indigenous past. Miyotl means ray of light in Nahuatl, and that is precisely what this app offers by spreading the use of languages such as Mixtec and Zapotec.

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