18 Climate Change Memes You’ll Nervously Laugh At

October 9, 2020 By Jessica Garcia

There’s no denying that the year 2020 has been a painful kick in the butt. Because of this, some people are under the belief that climate change is happening due to 2020 being a year of bad luck. However, climate change was bound to hit its peak, and the truth is it’s only going to get worse from here. Just take a look at these memes to get a picture of how bad the earth is suffering. Maybe you’ll laugh, maybe you’ll cry, or a little bit of both. 

If climate change had a Twitter profile, this is what it would say:

Credit: Instagram | @climatechange

Oh how the tables have turned.

And if climate change had a face, it would look at earthlings like this:

Credit: Instagram | @climemes_

As shown on the doomsday clock placed on a building in New York, there’s about seven years left of life on earth if global warming continues at its current rate. 

Credit: Instagram | @climemechange

Saddest throwback picture ever. 

Truth is, global warming has gotten so bad that if we were on the Titanic, we would actually survive. 

Credit: Instagram | @wesparrow_org

Looks like Jack and Rose will get to live happily ever after all. 

It’s gotten to the point where our oceans are starting to look like big bowls of soup. 

Credit: Instagram | @climemechange

All that’s missing is a big spoon. 

If you’re ever in need of a plastic bag, just head on over to your local beach. You’ll find plenty there. 

Credit: Instagram | @climate_meme

Your plastic bag might even come with a couple of straws attached if you’re lucky. 

No matter how bad our earth is suffering, America’s leaders seem to have other priorities in mind. 

Credit: Instagram | @climemechange

…because nothing is more important than banning TikTok. 

It’s almost as if America’s leaders will literally do anything else than focus on climate change. 

Credit: Instagram | @climemechange

Question is, what will it take for climate change to be taken seriously? 

It’s almost as if they refuse to admit that climate change exists.

Credit: Instagram | @hilltopshow

If the constant fires and terrible air quality doesn’t convince them, what will?

What’s even more sad is that America prefers to prioritize capitalism instead of focusing on taking care of our environment. 

Credit: Instagram | @climate_meme

As long as the rich are getting richer, who cares if the earth is burning down, right? 

With so much focus on capitalism, some folks are starting to imagine what the future might look like in a world of air pollution. 

Credit: Instagram | @climemechange

Just for $299.99 this purified air mask can be yours. 

In case you’re not sure who is responsible for much of this awful air quality, this meme gives you a clear picture.

Credit: Instagram | @yfoeememes

Climate change was bound to happen, but fossil fuel companies are only speeding up the process. 

Now, the relationship between United States elected representatives and the fossil fuel industry is starting to look a little like this…

Credit: Instagram | @yfoeememes

It’s all romantic at first, but then the fossil fuels swallow you whole. 

With the world deteriorating day by day, it feels like all your years of recycling have been taken for granted. 

Credit: Instagram | @climate_meme

Unfortunately, it’s going to take a lot more than recycling to save our planet, but it’s the effort that counts. 

The more the air quality worsens, the more you start to think of all of the terrible things you’ve done that have led up to this point.

Credit: Instagram | @climate_meme

All you had to do was recycle that milk jug! 

But if there’s anyone who’s beyond fed up, it’s the Lorax. 

Credit: Instagram | @climate_meme

This will become 2020’s new bedtime story. 

If the Lorax can’t help convince folks that our earth is suffering, we hope that this image can: 

Credit: Instagram | @climemechange

Hope this is sufficient evidence. 

At the end of the day, everyone just needs to do their research and try to help this planet as best they can because these scientists are tired. 

Credit: Instagram | @climemechange

Which one made you nervously laugh the most? 😭

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